Kirsten Dunst does not rule out a return of Mary Jane in the Marvel Universe: "There is still time"


‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is undoubtedly the biggest film event of the last year. The film starring Tom Holland has broken box office records, exceeding all expectations in the midst of a pandemic and raising the passion of fans, who have flocked to the cinema to find out if the rumors about it were true.

Before its premiere, the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures film generated a multitude of theories and leaks about the possible returns and cameos that the film was going to include. Some were fulfilled, but others were not. Among those that didn’t materialize was the return of Kirsten Dunst as the Mary Jane from the Tobey Maguire movies. On her day, the actress denied her participation in the film, and in her case she was not lying (not like others).

Of course, despite the fact that the film is already released and we already know that it does not appear in it, the media continue to ask the actress about a possible return to Marvel. In a recent interview with Deadline, Dunst answered the question by leaving the door open: “There’s still time. Let’s see, nobody has asked me for anything, but the Multiverse goes on and on. I think it could happen.”

We don’t know what will happen in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what we have learned lately is that anything is possible.

Oscar Nominated

Mary Jane Watson is undoubtedly one of Kirsten Dunst’s most popular characters, but the actress has been working in front of the camera all her life and has an iconic filmography spanning three decades behind her. After being ignored by the Oscars, the actress of ‘Marie Antoinette’ or ‘Melancolía’ has finally received her first nomination, at the age of 39, for her performance in ‘The Power of the Dog’, one of the favorite movies of the this year’s edition of the Academy Awards. It was time!

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