King Charles III, surrounded by the Queen consort and their two children at the reception of Elizabeth II’s coffin in Buckingham

After the massive farewell of the Scottish people at St Giles Cathedral, the coffin containing the mortal remains of Elizabeth II continued with its transfer to London, where the main farewell acts to the longest-serving Queen in the history of the Kingdom will take place United. The coffin was transported to the capital in a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III belonging to the British Royal Air Force. The daughter of the deceased Monarch was in charge of accompanying her mother on the trip. It must be remembered that Princess Anne was also the only one of the four children who followed the hearse that transferred the body of the Sovereign from her Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh.

The coffin carrying Elizabeth II’s remains landed at RAF Northolt at 18:53 British time, the moment the Queen’s final tour of the UK capital began. On the outskirts of the air enclosure, many curious people were crowded who wanted to see in first person the arrival of the body of the one who has been her Monarch for more than 70 years. All of them showed emotion on their faces, but they were not the only ones who cried, since London itself did so from early in the morning, with intense rain that did not stop for a second, adding even more drama to the moment that was being witnessed .

The arrival of the body of Elizabeth II in London

The hearse that was waiting on the runway had been expressly designed by the Royal House and Jaguar Land Rover, with enough glass and lights inside so that during all the tours of the city the coffin could be seen at the same time. perfection. The Prime Minister, Liz Truss, the Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, the Air Chief Marshal, Mike Wigston, the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London and the Mayor of Hillingdon were the authorities who received the body of the Queen, since the Royal Family I was waiting at Buckingham Palace.

The coffin of Elizabeth II is lowered from the plane after landing in LondonThe coffin of Elizabeth II as it is lowered from the plane after landing in London

Despite the bad weather that hit the capital, thousands of citizens gathered throughout the route that led the coffin of Elizabeth II to the official residence of the British Crown in London. However, where the largest number of people had gathered was at the door of the palace, to where the Archbishop of York had also gone, who unexpectedly joined those gathered there to sing hymns in honor of the Sovereign. “I think the Queen’s last great gift to the nation is to unite us,” the religious leader confessed.

Queen Elizabeth II ‘returns’ to Buckingham Palace

At Buckingham Palace, and after an intense day in Northern Ireland, King Charles III and Camilla awaited the arrival of the Queen’s coffin. However, they were not alone, since they were also accompanied by the heirs to the throne, that is, the new Princes of Wales, William and Kate Middleton, and the Dukes of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle. British media also pointed out that other grandchildren of Elizabeth II could be found, such as Princess Beatrice of York.

Arrival of Elizabeth II's coffin at Buckingham PalaceArrival of Elizabeth II’s coffin at Buckingham Palace

Amid a barrage of applause. This is how Queen Elizabeth II entered Buckingham Palace for the last time, where she will first rest in what is known as the Bow Room. This room gets its name from its large window and is known for being where palace guests make their entrance to the terrace for garden parties and for being the same place where the Sovereign recorded her first Christmas broadcast in color in 1967. In the Bow Room, the Royal Family will be able to mourn and say goodbye in privacy to the Queen, before she is transferred to the Throne Room, where the palace staff will also pay their respects.

Elizabeth II will spend her last night in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace, a historic and emblematic space in which she received heads of state and other personalities so many times during her seven decades of reign. On Wednesday, at 2:22 p.m. British time, the coffin will leave her residence to be transferred in procession to the Palace of Westminster, transported in a carriage of arms. King Carlos III, other members of royalty and high officials of the country will walk behind him.

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