Kerem Bürsin and Hande Eerçel deny that they have a new partner after their breakup

Hande and Kerem latest news

Or shall we say Elif and Kerem latest news?

Everything seems to indicate that Kerem Bürsin could have a new love, and that is that the actor has been romantically linked to Elif Gökalp, a famous radio host from his country, Turkey. After having ended his relationship with Hande Erçel, he has now started to circulate the rumor that he would be dating this girl.

However, and although he has not opened his mouth about it because he is very jealous of his privacy, it has been his representation agency that has ruled on this alleged romance. “There is no one in our actor’s life,” you can read in the statement, and a request is made from it: “We expect respect at such a delicate moment.”

Kerem bürsin wife

Up to know Hande Ercel was Kerem’s bürsin’s wife. Right now and after they break up, he has solemnely asked for discretion and privacy.

This clarification has come shortly after Hande Erçel has done exactly the same thing, although she has not had any communication, but has done so out loud after she was related to a man with whom she has no relationship. , at least loving.

Elif Gökalp

“I’m not in love with anyone. I’m going to let my head rest for a while,” she said, after it was pointed out in a well-known television program that the actress would be dating Atasay Kamer, the general manager of Atasay Jewelry, a well-known jewelry firm of which the actress is the image.






They did not want to settle their differences

Neither she nor he usually speak about their private life, but on this occasion they have thought it convenient, especially considering that very little time has passed since they decided to separate their lives. According to various media, the two ended their relationship and neither of them wanted to fix or resolve their differences, moreover, one of the most important signs is that she decided to delete everything that had to do with the actor from her social networks. . It was shortly after that he deleted the only photo he had with her on her social media.

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