Julia Fox does not have good words for Kanye West after their fleeting relationship: ‘He orchestrated everything. It was like a movie

Kanye Omari West, known as Kanye West and now renamed Ye, is constantly growing midgets. His public image has gone from bad to worse since his separation from Kim Kardashian became known -which became effective a year later- mainly due to his own actions, determined to end the businesswoman’s new relationship with Pete Davidson without caring that, Along the way, he also killed the mother of his children. Well, now the one who was his girlfriend for a month, Julia Fox, seems to have been very chastened after this idyll and she has not hesitated to tell it publicly.

After seeing her boasting about her romance full of luxuries, the actress has spoken clearly about how that month of relationship with the also designer was, which has seemed more like a movie than a love story. “Having been close to Kanye was like a crash course in being famous,” Fox said in an interview for The New York Times, where she confessed the reasons why she decided to end their romance – if you can call it that: “I I already had a very busy life. How do you fit this big personality into an already full life? It wasn’t sustainable.”

Julia Fox and Kanye West at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture ShowJulia Fox and Kanye West at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Show

A relationship that was accompanied by a great media exposure overnight and that had important consequences for her: “I lost about six kilos in that month,” she says. Possibly much of the blame was due to the way West tried to manage their relationship and even to Julia Fox herself, trying to replicate what she did with Kim Kardashian in 14 years in a matter of four weeks: “It was as if they had put in the role of girlfriend and he would have put me there too. He was the one who orchestrated everything. It was like a movie, “he acknowledged.

“If you come for me, I’ll come for you. I’m going straight for the jugular”

Julia Fox assures that she has no qualms about speaking publicly about this love or advertising story -depending on how you look at it- and that she has no qualms about Kanye West also doing so if he considers it, although she hopes that it will not be so: “I don’t think that he wants to open that door with me”, he admits. If he does, she already warns: “If you come for me, I’ll come for you. And I’m very good at going for people. I go straight for the jugular. I don’t think I’m dumb enough to do that.” .

No, it's not Kim Kardashian, it's Kanye's new girlfriendNo, it’s not Kim Kardashian, it’s Kanye’s new girlfriend

Of course, she feels very grateful for the media exposure that West gave her as a result of their romantic relationship and from which she is now obviously benefiting. Something that could be seen during this Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Month in which Fox not only closed the Laquan Smith show in New York on the same day that he confirmed his breakup with the artist, but later traveled to Milan and Paris to attend other parades and sit in the front row.

Now it’s a matter of time to see if Chaney Jones, Kanye West’s new girlfriend and who, suspiciously, is a clone of Kim Kardashian. At the moment, the only thing that has been seen of her is that she does not separate from the rapper by attending all her concerts in addition to spending time together shopping in Los Angeles. Some public appearances that have shown that, as far as style is concerned, Jones is already a true Kardashian and that she is already lucky enough to be confused with Kim.

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