Juan, a friend of Anabel Pantoja, explains the reasons why Omar Sánchez would be upset with her

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Anabel Pantoja has found in Yulen Pereira a fundamental pillar in her adventure for ‘Survivors’. The collaborator and the athlete are getting closer and take advantage of any opportunity to be together, even if it is only for a moment after their sudden separation. This link between Anabel and Yulen would not be too funny for Omar Sánchez, who would be quite upset with the situation and with the close friendship that his ex-partner is forming with the athlete. Now, in ‘Sálvame’ the true reasons for Omar’s anger have been discovered, and all thanks to Juan, a close friend of the tonadillera’s niece.

Juan, Anabel's friend in 'Sálvame' / Photo: Telecinco.esJuan, Anabel’s friend in ‘Sálvame’ / Photo: Telecinco.es

“I am missing more explicit support from Omar towards Anabel. Omar is upset because yesterday there were some images of Anabel in the water in which he said some words that he thought were directed at him, and no, they were for Marta Peñate. I know because I know her a lot. She said something like: “It doesn’t matter who it weighs.” He felt alluded to, it’s very dramatic,” Juan explained. In addition, he explained that the collaborator would have gone to Honduras to clear his mind. “Anabel has gone there to clarify, maybe he thinks that when she comes back she will go back to him, but maybe that’s not the case,” she commented.

Juan, Anabel's friend in 'Sálvame' / Photo: Telecinco.esJuan, Anabel’s friend in ‘Sálvame’ / Photo: Telecinco.es

Before his statements, Rafa Mora thought that the defenders of Anabel Pantoja had a lot of nose for asking Omar Sánchez for such a thing after their recent separation. “What a nose you have. Reproach the black [Omar] not defend Anabel. She is making a fool of him in front of all of Spain. She has been separated for two months and is crying for an uncle who passes her by”, commented the collaborator. To which Juan responded by saying that the canary told Anabel Pantoja to make her life before going to the island and added after several conversations with him, he assured that he was quite upset with the images of Anabel with Yulen.

Omar in Madrid

Omar Sánchez flew to Madrid for personal and professional matters after hearing the news that Anabel Pantoja was nominated. The canary stopped supporting her on her social networks and, therefore, did not ask for the audience’s vote to save her. However, when he was intercepted by a ‘Save Me’ crew during a walk around the capital, he could see his true feelings about his ex-partner through his face.

When asked about Anabel Pantoja, Omar Sánchez had a few smiles, but as soon as Yulen was mentioned and his relationship with Anabel, he began to bite his lip. On the other hand, I don’t hesitate to answer when the reporter comments on the affection that her former mother-in-law has for him. To which the canary replied: “And I her.”

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