Jorge Javier Vázquez reveals the health problem that will keep him away from television for two weeks

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The presenter has wanted to enter by phone to explain what is the health problem that will keep him away from the sets.

Jorge Javier Vázquez reveals the health problem that will keep him away from television for two weeks

Rachel Alonso Sanchez

Jul 12, 2022

During these last weeks, Jorge Javier Vázquez has been seen with voice problems due to the coronavirus that happened a few days before. The presenter has been presenting the programs but it is true that he was not quite well and that has led him to have to be out for the next two weeks. It was Jorge Javier himself who came on the phone in ‘Sálvame’ to explain what happened.

María Patiño picked up the phone and Jorge Javier Vázquez could be heard speaking in a very taken voice: “I just want to tell you that I went to the specialist this afternoon. It was at least two weeks because I have post-Covid laryngitis that prevents me from speaking and, of course, from working. I say this because I will not be seen for two weeks, I am going to be totally confined and with absolute rest of the voice, I only wanted tell you about this.”

Jorge Javier Vázquez in a promotional photographJorge Javier Vázquez in a promotional photograph

“Already the last programs it was difficult for me to do them and I have to stop inevitably. I am perfectly fine, what happens is one of the consequences, the throat, the voice. I do not recover, the days go by and I am here at home and I do not recover , then it is only patience and patience. For the rest, everything is fine, “said the presenter. María Patiño told him that they loved him very much: “We send you a lot of energy and that this is nothing. Then the holidays come and then you come back in September like new.”

What will happen to ‘Survivors’?

Jorge Javier Vázquez responded to the question of what will happen to the ‘SV’ final, something that is still not clear to him: “There are very important things left. I hope to be for the ‘SV’ final but for now I cannot make any progress at all. enter now to cut off all kinds of communication with the outside world and make it clear what is happening to me. For now I cannot know anything at all”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez at the first gala of 'Survivors 2022'Jorge Javier Vázquez at the first gala of ‘Survivors 2022’

After saying this in ‘Save me’, the presenter wrote the following on Twitter: “I have thought that if I have not recovered for the final of ‘Survivors’ that they at least let me, exceptionally, deliver the check to the winner. Because I will be, I will be. That the minor does not fit you, “said the presenter. We will have to wait to see what happens and if he recovers completely.


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