John Goodman Deteriorating Health Conditions: Won’t Live for too long

Subhashree Panda

“What goes around comes around”. Reportedly America’s Gem John Goodman has been coming into the news because of prolonged ill-health which was noticed upon his extreme weight loss. Sources say he won’t be living for too long as he’s Running out of time because of some declining health conditions.

Let’s delve more deeply into the prospects.

John’s Health and its Deterioration 

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John Goodman always has had this bad habit of overdrinking, consuming narcotic substances, smoking, etc. Now that he is looking back to the days where he could have mended his ways and now he sits around thinking about his past debauchery activities. Sources captured him several times working overtime and restlessly and deduce that John’s retarding health condition and working overtime cannot be a point to ignore. Some say that he’s petrified that he won’t be able to work any longer as he has been summoned by inevitable death.

John’s Lap-Band Surgery 

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Goodman’s condition started going down the level back in 2016. In 2016 he had a Lap-Band Surgery as Doctors suggested that his boozing nature and debauchery in past have to lead to the accumulation of fat cells and turned out to be liver cirrhosis. Doctors even warned him that after this surgery he has to maintain a healthy weight and have to stop alcoholism and smoking forever. It is even recorded that after the band is removed he has chug food like birds and in case he puts on some pounds it might get riskier.

The Specialist explained that losing weight is the only way to decrease the risk of getting a cardiac arrest, asthma attack, getting prone to Cancer, etc. The reason behind this is when you were obese these diseases cling to you with a motive to stay with you till your death. So when you lose weight, the risk gets lessened, it’s not terminated. The only thing which can make you avoid all the above-mentioned diseases is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Many of John’s pals gave their statements about his bad boozy habits for which he is paying off now.

Earlier, John Goodman didn’t pay any heed to all these but as soon as the fear piled up because of the effects he started realizing his faults, and now paying the bills of the alcohol, cigars, and cocaine he didn’t consume even. It is rightly said, “Eat your food like Medicines, or else, you have to Eat Medicine as your Food”.

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