Jennifer Lara reappears in ‘Viva la vida’ after giving her daughter to her father

Max Yurva

Last Friday, July 22, Jennifer Lara, known for having been a tronista on ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’, was experiencing the worst moment of her life: people belonging to the Group of Minors (Grume) of the Family Care Unit (Ufam ) supported by the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade and with the presence of the father, went to his house to take his 2-year-old daughter. After a breach on her part of the regulatory agreement for having moved to the city when it had been agreed that this could not happen, custody became entirely her father’s, thus forcing the little girl to leave Lara’s house.

Considering it an unfair situation, she not only made a call to gather more than 30 people in front of her house to denounce the situation, but also broadcast the hard moment live through her social networks where thousands of users could see live the hard moment in which her daughter, between tears and cries of “I don’t want to go, mom”, left the home for good. Barely a day later, Jennifer Lara reappeared totally broken on the set of ‘Viva la vida’ in her struggle to continue denouncing what for her was an injustice on the part of the Spanish justice system itself.

The extronist insists on denying the words of her partner, acknowledging that she never did anything to prevent him from seeing the little girl: “If I wanted the father not to see the little girl, he would have done it when he left me on the street with the little when we broke up and I wouldn’t have gone to my parents’ house first and then rented an apartment 5 minutes from their house. I wouldn’t have signed anything either,” he acknowledges. Despite this, she signed a regulatory agreement that has now caused her to lose custody of her daughter: “There is a clause that says that if I move to another place, custody becomes the one who stays in the city.”

Jennifer Lara visits 'Viva la vida' |  Photo: Telecinco.esJennifer Lara visits ‘Viva la vida’ | Photo:

“I have never had any intention of anything, otherwise I would have left before,” he acknowledged. And although it was not before, this 2022 he was finally going to work in Alicante, more than 600 kilometers from the city where he lived before and in which the father of the minor continues to live: “After confinement, a year passes, I still don’t work and the situation is getting worse for him (…) Life in his town was very difficult, he insulted me on the street (…) I notified him that I had a job offer and if we can reach an agreement for the visitation regime since we had previously signed the custody. Already living in Valladolid he denounced me for kidnapping and it was dismissed as civil”.

The version of the father of the minor

Instead, finally, the court agreed with the father of the minor that a breach of the custody agreement had been committed, although Lara assures that he signed it under pressure and was unaware that this was stipulated: “The police action arrives after putting a daily fine of 40 euros because he continued to fail to comply with the sentence. The mother has been charged with disobedience to authority and child abduction, “explained the lawyer for the father of the minor, insisting that he was never notified where the minor was being taken and that he was prevented from seeing her during the time he was in the other city. For his part, Lara assures that there is a Civil procedure with testimonies from Police that assure that he was the one who did not want to see the minor when he traveled to Alicante.

“We have been trying to avoid this moment for many months, but, unfortunately, what they wanted has arrived, which was to set up this circus. It is a shame that a minor is involved in these media and in this way,” said the father of the minor in her speech in ‘It’s already noon’ after producing the images that had such an impact: “it’s a shame that a minor is implicated in this way, it’s a heartbreaking picture”, and assures: “The girl is happy, she is super well. At home she had an incredible adaptation, she knew everything and I can only ask that we be respected. I just want the well-being of the girl, which is what matters to me”.

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