Isa Pantoja is honest about her brother Kiko Rivera and explains why she is grateful to him

The problems that Kiko Rivera has had to face on his return from the summer vacations he has spent in the Dominican Republic with his wife and children have led his sister, Isa Pantoja, to talk about him and, as a consequence, about the relationship (or non-existence of this) that both maintain.

Isa Pantoja talks about her brother, Kiko Rivera, on 'The Summer Program' |  Photo: TelecincoIsa Pantoja talks about her brother, Kiko Rivera, on ‘The Summer Program’ | Photo: Telecinco

The possible debt that Paquirri’s son would have with a neighbor and the identity theft he has suffered on his social networks are the two major issues with which Kiko Rivera has come face to face as soon as he set foot on Spanish soil. The eldest son of Isabel Pantoja has not been able to cope, but, despite the problems, he has been very calm and rested after his family vacations, without showing any sign of concern regarding what has happened during his absence and showing, so, neither of the two issues has taken away his sleep.

After the images of Kiko Rivera leaving the airport with Irene Rosales, the two girls of the marriage and his eldest son, the collaborators of ‘The summer program’ have questioned Isa Pantoja about what she thinks about the statements made by her brother. The little girl from the Pantoja clan has not hesitated to agree with her brother regarding the issue of the alleged debt he owed to a neighbor and has expressed that it would be false information disclosed by a paparazzi, which would not be the first time that he would invent some kind of information about the eldest son of Isabel Pantoja. “She has already been giving a lot of information about him and it is true that both Irene and my brother have always denied her,” she has revealed. Rivera, for her part, has pointed out that the inventor of the information would be a person who has “nowhere to fall dead.”

Isa Pantoja posing in 'No Man's Land' during 'Survivors 2019'Isa Pantoja posing in ‘No Man’s Land’ during ‘Survivors 2019’

As for the identity theft that the tonadillera’s son has suffered on his social networks, Rivera has responded very resignedly that it would be something he has already experienced in the past: “Well, look, it’s been going on for a long time and, besides, It’s always the same, it doesn’t just happen to me, it happens to a lot of my teammates.” Paquirri’s son has also assured that it is something that is intrinsic to being a public figure, as much as it bothers him: “It is what we have had to live for being public figures, but well, as I always say, karma exists and everyone comes to him”.

defend his brother

Isa Pantoja wanted to agree with her brother: “In this case, he is absolutely right. There is a person who pretends to be him to contact someone who gives him the money and keeps his money.” Faced with the defense of the collaborator, Joaquín Pratt has asked her if she would be “more permeable” to a possible reconciliation with her brother, to which Isa Pantoja has responded negatively: “I think he is acting as he wants, he is not harming, he is respecting me in that sense of my time, but there are things that I can’t say anything bad to him”. After her statement, Isa Pantoja recoiled from her refusal when she realized that her tone towards her brother had changed: “I’m realizing that I’ve changed a bit,” she assured, later confessing that, despite the problems they have, he is happy for his brother: “I’m happy about the good things, I’m not going to be happy about something bad that’s happening to him”.

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