Is Top Boy based on a true story? Where was Top Boy filmed?

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Top Boy is a British crime drama about two London friends, Duchamp (Ashley Walters) and Sally (Kano), who run a drug business together with the goal of becoming a newcomer to the neighborhood. the richest person. Although their business is underground, it is booming and makes them a lot of money. Greed overcomes them, however, and they team up with a patriarch named Bobby Rex to live a richer life. Soon things go south when they become involved in a rivalry between the Raikes and the Kamale Robert Lewis gang and face some serious consequences.

The series gives viewers a glimpse into London’s hoods and takes them through what’s happening on these quarantined streets. The stellar performances of the cast and the authentic narrative make one wonder if “Top Boy” is based on a true story. Well, we’re here to clear your doubts!

Is Top Boy based on a true story?

No, “Top Boy” is not based on a true story. I repeat, Top Boy is NOT a real story. The show’s creator, Ronan Bennett, also wrote the script, which may not be a true story, but was certainly inspired by some real events. The crime series takes place in a fictional manor called Summerhouse, which is located in the real-world area of ​​London’s Hackney district. It depicts, or at least attempts to illustrate, the harsh reality of hijabs in this inner London district, with a particular focus on the presence of gangs fighting for dominance.

In preparing for his mighty crime drama series, Bennett did quite a bit of research into the Hackney gang. But in the months before that, he experienced and witnessed a real event that inspired him to make the series. In a 2011 article for The Observer, Bennett described the encounter, writing: “I noticed a kid hanging in the front yard. I’d say he was about 12. A man in his 20s— Guess – Approached him and exchanged a few words. The kid slipped into the alley between the burger joint and the second-hand furniture store.”

He further added: “I decided to wait and see what would happen. The man was smoking a cigarette and looking up and down the street. The child showed up again. They shook hands in the street. The child vomited on the ground and then ran away. Get down and pick something up and move on. I’m going shopping.” After not seeing the kids for weeks, Bennett spotted him again and approached him. Even after Bennett confirmed he was not a police officer, the kid hesitated to let him go.

When Bennett left and informed a police officer, the latter said: “As long as ancillary crime doesn’t increase – car break-ins, robbery, theft – we don’t care about it. If a 12-year-old sells drugs outside Tesco in Saffron Walden , that would be another matter – there would be massive police action.” Bennett went on to interview several people in the area. Their story probably sowed the seeds of inspiration in his mind, which gave way to the creation of “Top Boy.”

“Peaky Blinders” is a perfect example of a series that also depicts gang confrontation and all the violence that comes with it. Although set in 1900s England, it has an almost identical theme to “Top Boy” and is inspired by the real-life street gang of the same name. So while the narrative is entirely fictional, the fiction of Bennett’s creative mind, the birthplace of the series is deeply rooted in reality.

Where was Top Boy Filmed?

“Top Boy” was widely filmed and based in the UK. However, the production team also traveled to Jamaica, Spain and Morocco to shoot multiple shots for the crime series. It was the creators’ insistence on making the narrative as realistic as possible that brought them to different locations for filming. If you want to know the exact location, we’ve got you covered!

Kent, England

The production team traveled to Kent, England, to shoot various key scenes for the series. Kent is a county in south east England full of picturesque ridges and valleys. The crew was seen filming season three at the Fulsaham Rock Beach and Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate, as well as several streets including Atherstein Road.

Another stop where some scenes were filmed was Ramsgate, especially Jacob’s Ladder, Ramsgate Station, and outside the English Rose pub on the High Street. In addition to these locations, Gordon Square in Gravesend also doubles as a fictional summer house. East Crescent Street also represents some scenes from Hackney.

London Borough of Hackney, England

Since the series is set in London’s Hackney district, it’s only fair that some, if not all, scenes were filmed here as well. Named after its main district, this borough is located in central London. De Beauvoir estate depicts several scenes from Summerhouse estate. In addition to this, the production team has also been spotted filming several shots for the crime series in Haggerston, Dalston and London Fields.

London Borough of Southwark, England

For filming purposes, the cast and crew of the show will also travel to Southwark, a district in South London. Specifically, the legal scenes seen in season four were filmed at Blackfriars Crown Court in Southwark, not far from Blackfriars Road. Several episodes were also filmed at Highgate Manor, which doubles as a fictional summer house. Once a large residential complex in Walworth, it was demolished in 2014. In addition, Walworth Academy was the filming location for the series’ school scenes.

Isle of Dogs, England

After Highgate was demolished, the team had to find a new site that could double as a summerhouse. After some searching, they settled on the Samuda estate on the Isle of Dogs, as it provided the ideal backdrop for the fictional estate. In addition to the outside scenes, many interior scenes such as the character’s bedroom were also shot in the local people’s apartments.

London Borough of Waltham Woods, England

The London borough of Waltham Forest in northeast London is also one of the many camps the production team has in England. Several scenes were filmed at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, including one where Duchamp’s mother was admitted when her health began to deteriorate.

Elsewhere in England

In addition to the aforementioned locations, there are several other locations where “Top Boy” was filmed. The Valmont Club, a 1980s-themed nightclub (now closed) on Fulham Road in Chelsea, was the location for many of the club scenes. The production team also traveled to Queensway to film some scenes at Queensway Bowling Alley in Bayswater, now known as Queens Skate, Dine and Bowl. In addition, the London district of Newham and Waterloo Manor in Romford are also used as filming locations for several important scenes of the play. In addition, the West London Film Studios in Hayes was an important filming location for several sequences.

Rest of the world

Image Credit: William Richards/Netflix

In the third season, Duchamp was hiding in Jamaica, working at his cousin’s car rental shop, so some of the crew traveled to Jamaica to film the scenes. Season four was more global, with the team also filming several scenes in Spain and Morocco, and portraying the full breadth of the drug trade in the series.

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