Is the tortoise dead?

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The third episode of Season 2 of “The Rise of the Shield Hero”, titled “Shake the Earth”, follows Zhiwen as he begins his final attack on the turtle with the help of the Allies. While his plan appears to have adequate checks and balances, when the battle begins on the ground, several things unfold in completely unexpected ways. Here’s everything you need to know about the Season 2, Episode 3 finale of Rise of the Shield Heroes. Spoilers ahead!

Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

It is estimated that the tortoise is finally active after resting for a few days. When it made its move and appeared to be heading to another densely populated town, word quickly reached Queen Myrelia. At the same time, Shang Wen and his party, the Dragon Raiders and the Meloma Mark cavalry had already started their final offensive preparations. The queen then orders other units to take their place as well.

In order to always keep in touch with Shang Wen during the battle, she sent a bodyguard to serve as the shield hero’s messenger. When he was about to head to the battlefield, Shangwen told Eclair that they would go according to plan and that she would be crucial as an instructor. Later, the soldiers were encouraged by the arrival of the Shield Hero, who headed straight for the area where the first attack was planned.

Just as Zhiwen and his party approached the tortoise, familiars suddenly appeared in the sky and on the ground. The Shield Hero uses his powers to avoid confrontation as much as possible, but the team ends up surrounded by enemies and forced to fight. Meanwhile, the legendary monster was successfully drawn to the planned location, where it was ambushed by an Allied unit. Zhiwen and his party bravely fought against the familiar, and it seems that things will go according to plan.

However, at this moment, Shang Wen got the news that the first surprise attack on Ling Turtle failed to stop him, and the force also suffered huge casualties. One of the commanders then decided to focus on one of the enemy’s legs, hoping it would do enough damage to stop him from moving further. Unfortunately that didn’t work either, and the remaining cells were pretty much killed in the process. The riots then caused panic among the Allies, and the soldiers even abandoned their positions.

But even when he was about to die, the commander of the Spirit Turtle Kingdom still refused to leave his post. When the legendary monster was approaching, he immersed himself in waiting for the opportunity. Just as he was slamming into the realm, he inflicted heavy damage on the tortoise with dynamite, sacrificing his own life in the process. Shang Wen soon learned that his plan finally worked, and the legendary monster stopped moving. After fighting off all familiars, he and his team reached Ground Zero, where he began to put the second phase of his plan into action.

The Rise of the Hero of the Shield Season 2 Episode 3 Finale: Is the Tortoise Dead or Alive?

After the team and coalition of Shield Heroes succeeded in incapacitating the legendary monster, Shang Wen realizes that he must now complete the most challenging part of his plan, which is to decapitate the enemy. He sends a message to the queen that the mage unit must start advanced multi-casting ritual magic immediately. At the same time, Alasla said that if she had more time, she might have been able to train a person in the constant root Wusuo way, and the whole operation would be processed more efficiently.

However, judging from the current situation, Shang Wen, with the help of the mage unit, used the lightning of God’s Judgment to successfully injure the turtle’s neck. He then ordered Raphtalia and Philo to strike twice in a row at the same spot. Although the impact was deeper this time, neither of them were able to decapitate the enemy. It was then that Naofumi used his shield to deliver another attack on the neck, coupled with the power of Ost Horai. Moments later, Raphtalia and Filo struck again at the same spot, and the legendary monster’s head was finally severed from the rest of its body. It seems that the hero has finally won, and the tortoise seems to be dead.

However, this could have been a huge mistake, as Ost Horai, who was supposed to die with her creator, is still alive. In addition, she warns Shang Wen that their battle with the enemy may not be over, removing all doubts. So, in conclusion, despite being beheaded by the shield hero and his party, the tortoise is still alive. So you can expect Shangwen to continue fighting for the greater good, but it remains to be seen in what form the legendary monster will return this time.

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