Is the Alabama Cabin Against Ice Real? Where is it located? Does it still exist?

Max Yurva

With Peter Frings at the helm, historical survival drama “Against Ice” unveils icy hostile terrain in front of audiences. The story follows Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen as he desperately tries to find the lost map of Mylius-Eriksen. With his ship trapped in the ice and his trusted companion injured, Mickelson teamed up with Ivor Iverson, a mechanic with no previous expedition experience.

Together they map hostile boundaries in search of a stele. Some will argue that the task is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack, but Mickelson is not one of them. Thanks to their immortal spirits, they came alive from the desolate land. However, you might be wondering if the Alabama cabin — where the two lived for nearly two years on the trip — was a real place. Is it possible to visit historical sites? Let’s expand the map. Spoilers ahead.

Are Alabama Villas real? Where is it located? Does it still exist?

Ejnar Mikkelsen and Iver Iversen found Mylius-Erichsen’s stele in a pinch. However, the road back brought them more obstacles. By then, the traveler had lost several dogs and a sled. To lighten the load, they discarded most of their supplies, but a can of oxtail soup left to them by Mylius-Erichsen could save the day.

One morning, Iverson was leaving camp for a hike and rushed over when he heard two shots in a row. Back at the base, Iverson finds two lackeys dead while Mickelson is fighting polar bears. Iverson fired two more shots to neutralize the bear, which fell into the icy water, under a thin layer of ice. It took Mickelson into the water, but Iverson brought Mickelson back to life.

They scrapped the remaining sleds and returned to camp, walking 200 miles. However, when they reached the base, the pair realized that Mickelson’s crew had trapped them in Shannon’s ice. Mickelson’s ship, the Alabama, was buried under a pile of snow and it didn’t look like the ship could make it back to the Danish coast. However, the crew was generous enough to build a cabin out of parts of Alabama and leave a year’s supply of supplies in the cabin.

Image credit: Arktisk Institut, Arctic Magazine

Now, if you’re adventurous enough, you wonder if the hut still exists. Maybe you want to visit this place for yourself. If so, you’d be surprised to find that the hut is still above the Shannon ice. Some would argue that history is cyclical. This argument fits with an anecdote that it must have been a Danish Navy inspection ship – the Ejner Mikkelsen named after the explorer – which rediscovered the Alabama cabin. They stumbled across the hut during an expedition in September 2010, and even filmed it. So if you feel like a daring adventure, this house is still for those in need.

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