Is Levi dead or alive?

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“Attack on Titan” Season 4 Episode 23 is titled “Sunset,” and revolves around the aftermath and aftermath of the Paradise Island rumble. While many Eldians have lost their lives, loved ones and homes, internal support for Ellen is growing rapidly. Meanwhile, Annie, waking up from a four-year slumber, plans to fulfill her promise to her father. Meanwhile, Amin prepares to chase Connie and stop him from sacrificing Falco, while Hange encounters General Magath and Pique. Here’s everything you need to know about the Season 4, Episode 23 finale of Attack on Titan. Spoilers ahead! ! !

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23 Recap

After the rumbling began, the Wall Titans who fought alongside Aaron against the Allied forces also wounded many Eldians. While the anger of the wounded who lost their families and homes is understandable, the vast majority of those unscathed rejoiced that the antihero declared war on the rest of the world. Growing support for Allen worries the soldiers, who fear an uprising. So Hickey orders some of her comrades to prepare for the worst, but at headquarters, she encounters suspicious footsteps in the basement.

As soon as she opened the door, she was ambushed by Annie who was waiting for her moment. Unfortunately, the bearer of the female titan has grown weaker over the years, slamming her to the floor with ease and tying her hands behind her back. But Annie was ready for it, she had cut herself so that she could become a Titan at any time. Hickey understands her odds are high and helps Annie escape. On the way, the female titan holder revealed that she was conscious during her captivity and knew what had happened over four years through regular one-sided conversations between Hickey and Amin.

Curious about Annie’s motives and whether she feels bad about taking people’s lives, Hickey ends up asking her a pressing question. The latter did not try to justify her crimes, but opened up about her painful past. Anne was born as a result of a forbidden extramarital affair between a Marion woman and an Aldian man. When officials learned of the incident, the toddler was sent to a detention area, where she was adopted by a man named Leonhardt. Unfortunately, Anne’s adoptive father wanted a life of privilege, so he forced her to become a warrior.

She had to undergo rigorous training since she was a child, and over time, she became strong enough to hit people, and her muscles were taller than her. This came at a huge price, because Anne now only knew that she had hurt others and nothing really mattered to her. When she was chosen for a mission to Paradise Island, her father now understands the pain he caused Annie, and she assures her that she will return to him. Since then, Anne just wanted to get back to her father.

Meanwhile, Armin prepares to go after Connie and prevent him from sacrificing Falco, who can be used to negotiate with Reiner and Pique. Meanwhile, Floch and other Yaegerists attempted to control the situation on Paradis by convincing volunteers who devoutly followed and supported Zeke’s project to join them. General Pique and Magath watched helplessly as the Bulwark Titans marched toward their country, approached by Hange, who claimed to be unarmed and willing to negotiate.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23 Finale: Why did Floch kill one of Zeke’s volunteers? What is he going to do on Paradise Island?

Floch, who had been one of the most active members of the Jaeger faction after Allen’s escape and the ensuing uprising, demanded that Zeke’s volunteers give up their delusions. Most of them remained silent and unresponsive, but one of the men protested and was shot dead by the de facto leader of the Yeager faction. Floch thought his warnings of violence would discipline the volunteers, but as he continued to oppose Allen’s schemes, the former recruit in the Survey Corps didn’t hesitate to shoot him on the spot.

The Jaeger faction leader then claimed that Allen had entrusted him with his final plan from the beginning. After he escaped from prison, the Founding Titan holder revealed to Floch that he would manipulate Zek to use his full power. So Floch knew months ago that Eren never liked Zeke’s plan to genetically sterilize the entire Eldian population. While the Anti-Hero conquers the rest of the world with his massive Wall Titan, Floch will crush any uprising on Paradis.

Floch has begun to put his plan into action, killing the volunteers, but he understands that Jean, who is tired of fighting and can be an important ally, can be persuaded by the promise of a comfortable life. The de facto leader of the Jaeger faction believed that Jean would no longer need to subject himself to bloodshed and war, because the Eldians had already won. The simple persuasive argument seemed to work wonders, as Jean apparently looked frustrated and immediately lost in dreams of a better tomorrow. It was arguably a major victory for the Jaegers, but their war on Paradis was far from over, as Allen’s opponents had begun to slowly regroup.

Is Levi dead or alive?

No, Levi is not dead. The life of the special operations squad leader has been hanging in the balance for some time. Levi was seriously injured when Zeke detonated the Thunder Spear. It’s a miracle that humanity’s strongest soldier survived the violent explosion. But after that, luck continued to favor his enemies, as with Ymir’s help, Zeke quickly recovered from his life-threatening wounds.

When the Jaegers found Levi and the bearer of the Beast Titan, the former appeared to be dead. Hanger is smart enough to quickly seize the small window of opportunity and claim her friend is dead after checking her pulse. However, when the enemy didn’t believe her words and tried to confirm Levi’s death in person, Hange and her friends jumped into the river flowing next to her.

After the rumbling started, General Magat and Pique watched the Wall Titans approach their country, and they found Hange walking towards them. She quickly confirms that she is unarmed and that she is with a harmless friend (Levi) who barely escapes death.

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