Is Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Airing Anytime Soon?

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Emily’s Wonder Lab revolves around the story of Emily Caladrelli, who shares different types of science-related experiments to make steam fun. If you loved its 1st season, then you will be sad to know that Netflix has chosen not to renew the show for 2nd season.

Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Gets Cancelled?

The 1st season of the show was hosted by Emily Calandrelli who is the main character of the show. Emily is also known as “The Space Gal” among her fans who watch her experiments. The show was released on 25th August of the previous year by Netflix all over the world and it was more like an educational series that was targeted towards kids’ entertainment.

Along with having a successful career in hosting TV shows, social speaking, and a writer, Emily has also been an MIT engineer. Recently, it was announced by Netflix that they are not planning to renew Emily’s Wonder Lab for its 2nd season. Samantha Furrer set up a petition at the beginning of July 2022 where she requested to revive the show either on Netflix or any other online streaming platform. The petition has amassed a total of 75,000 signatures till 7th July.

Emily's Wonder Lab Season 2
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The 1st Season Didn’t Perform Well?

In the first season of the show, 10 episodes were broadcasted which were of 12-14 minutes. Each episode showed the users about various new topics from utilizing air artillery to bowl, gazing into the genius layout of eggs, how to generate toothpaste of rainbow horse, and how to bake with the help of solar-powered ovens. Each episode of the show features some fun and easy experiments that any user could execute at their house.

Despite its unique experimental activities, the show was not able to make a mark for itself. The show was not able to hold a position in the top 10s all over the world, even it was not able to appear in the top 10s in the United States of America(USA) or the United Kingdom (UK). However, it did make an appearance in countries like Qatar, the Netherlands, Finland, and Norway.

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