Irina Shayk, designated as an ally of Putin for publishing an image with a possible hidden message

Max Yurva

Irina Shayk has managed to be in the eye of the hurricane after she published a photo on her social networks that has not left anyone indifferent. It was a photo of what looked like a Russian salad, and it has accompanied this picture with the following words: “Russianzz Wednesday”, with the letter ‘Z’, which has raised many suspicions, and there are those who have pointed it out, saying which is a clear ally of Putin in the war against Ukraine.

Irina Shayk's salad / Photo: InstagramIrina Shayk’s salad / Photo: Instagram

The Russian model has been harshly criticized considering that the letter Z is considered a symbol of support for the Russian army in the war. In addition, it is used to recognize enemy troops in the middle of Ukrainian territory, which is why it has become very relevant in recent months.

Bradley Cooper’s ex-girlfriend immediately received a lot of criticism and comments, accusing her of being a Putin supporter. Also, some people took the opportunity to remember another recent photograph of Shayk, who posed using a magazine with the portrait of Vladimir Putin as the cover.

Irina Shayk at the 75th Venice International Film FestivalIrina Shayk at the 75th Venice International Film Festival

Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko shared the controversial photo of the model’s salad on Twitter, writing the following words: “Irina Shayk, a world famous Russian model who recently worked for Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry and others, posted a strange cryptic story on Instagram with the word ‘Russianzz’. I hope these brands reconsider working with her,” she said, very upset by what happened.

In view of what happened, shortly after the international model decided to delete said photograph and wrote the following: “Sometimes a salad is just a salad. I promise: there are no coded messages or political comments here,” he assured, although there are many people who still they still think the opposite and that they do not see the meaning of the letter Z added to the name of the salad.

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