Intellectual TV Shows to Get to Know Amazing Facts


The point is that you have to understand which list of plants is the most interesting for you. Did you know that many TV shows are an endless source of unique facts? Even though the entertainment industry aims to generate primitive content, dozens of great shows will help you learn more exciting secrets. Here is a list of TV shows that are worth your attention.


This scientific investigation TV show has been a benchmark for many years for most English-speaking countries. The fact is that Mythbusters is a unique project whose goal is to analyze myths, create prototypes and test unique gadgets. The hosts are engineers who can assemble a prototype nuclear reactor using plastic tape and iridium dials. Nothing is impossible for these guys. In addition, the budget of each episode is hundreds of thousands of dollars, so these guys are not limited to experiments.


Surely you will be surprised by the fact that the fuel will not explode if you shoot the gas tank with a pistol. In addition, water can stop the impact sieve after a couple of meters. All these facts can become a springboard for an excellent cause-and-effect essay. But what if you don’t have time to analyze dozens of episodes to choose the perfect topic? You may delegate such assignments to real professionals. Choose a reliable writing service, and you won’t have to pass over trifles. What’s more, you can even pay to do homework. Then you will have more time to watch scientific investigation TV shows. Experienced writers will do their best to complete superior quality assignments for your academic success. Thousands of students benefit from outside help to cope with the enormous workload in colleges and universities. There is nothing wrong with delegating your papers to someone to get more time for such activities like sports, seeing your friends or watching your favorite TV shows. 

Food, Inc

Do you know anything about the origin of dishes, ingredients, and food traditions in your area? For example, who first came up with the idea of ​​milking a cow and making cheese? How did people learn to make jerky, and why did the first refrigerators like cellars with cement masonry? If all these questions are relevant, you should see the “Food, Inc” show. Here you will learn all about genetically modified organisms and hybrid products that will soon become the future of the food industry.


One of the main advantages of this show is the detailed analysis of any food and processes required for consumers to get their usual energy bars, milk, yogurt, or chocolate. You are sure to be thrilled with any episode, so go to YouTube and use the “Food, Inc” search query. Surely you will be happy to know that this show is available for free to all users.

Lie To Me

This TV series can be compared to lectures on physiognomy and the analysis of behavioral patterns. Even though “Lie To Me” is an entertainment series, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the work of the police and the so-called empaths who can analyze people’s gestures and facial expressions to find out the truth. One of the amazing things about the series is how accurate the writers are in analyzing forensics and the police.


You will learn hundreds of interesting facts and features that help establish a person’s involvement in any offense. Surely episodes with a lie detector will become your favorite because the interrogation procedure is described with the smallest detail. In addition, you will see what consequences a lie can lead to and how to control emotions properly.


Jeopardy is one of the most popular quiz shows of our time. If you like interesting facts and stories and are ready for something new, each episode will help you raise your IQ by several points. The main advantage of this show is the game format. The show host always explains the rules in detail so you won’t have a problem understanding what’s happening on the screen. So get ready to be amazed because Jeopardy! is a mix of intelligence and hardcore quizzes.


Surely you have at least a couple of questions that you would like to receive an answer to. Luckily, this show can explain everything from the creation of the earth to the process of nuclear half-life. The main advantage of this TV show is that each episode is not very long but informative enough that you get all the answers quickly. In addition, everyone is glad you will receive new facts, ideas, and theories that explain certain phenomena in our world. Moreover, this show is equally interesting for children and adults, so you do not have to compromise during dinner with your family.

Final Words

As you can see, it will not be difficult for you to find good shows to learn amazing facts. Choose the area of interest that is relevant to you and start browsing. All of the above shows and series are a source of endless facts and theories that are worth your attention. Start with the first episodes to better understand what is happening. However, many shows have an original plot for each episode. So you don’t have to worry; get ready to be amazed and learn something new!

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