In The Tall Grass: Ending Explained! Travis got Caught in the Grass?

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in the tall grass: Ending Explained! Was Travis Stuck in the Grass? Keep reading and find out the explanation of the ending! – “In the Tall Grass”, is an American horror film. Directed by Vincenzo Natali and starring Mark Korven, Craig Wrobleski and Patrick Wilson. Premiering on Netflix on October 4, 2019.

What is your synopsis? A pregnant woman and her inseparable brother enter a field of tall grass to save a boy who is asking for help, in a matter of minutes they realize they are trapped and cannot escape.

⚠️Attention! SPOILERS AHEAD for In The Tall Grass!


The story begins with siblings Becky and Cal. While on a road trip, they hear Tobin scream, a boy lost within a field of tall grass. he insists that they rescue him, but his mother, Nathalie, is heard telling him to stop calling them and luring them into the grass.

The brothers decide to go in to rescue him, at that moment they are attracted by a sinister force that disorients them and separates them. It is here that they realize the danger, but it is already too late. Now they are separated, isolated from the world and without the possibility of escaping from the camp.


Once inside, Becky meets Ross, he is Tobin’s father and promises to show him the way out, but they find the boy’s mother dead. On the other hand, Cal meets Tobin, he explains that “tall grass doesn’t move dead things”. and guides him to the mysterious black rock of the Redeemer.

As Carl is about to touch her, he hears his sister’s screams, follows her voice, and at that moment it all starts again. This is because they are trapped in a time loop, where one follows the other’s voice, but they can’t find each other. Also in that loop is Travis, the father of the baby Becky is expecting.

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The point is that when you enter the grass, you only have two options: die over and over again or touch the rock as a way of “redemption” and attract more people. So Ross chose the second option and for that reason he goes after the others.

But the grass not only manipulates time but also space. We see that Becky has a miscarriage in front of the mysterious rock. When she wakes up, she finds her brother feeding her “Herb“. But the reality is that it is Ross, and what he is eating is his own baby.

After this, Travis and Tobin appear and find her almost dead. At that moment, they are attacked by Ross who, after stabbing Travis in the stomach, tries to force Tobin to touch the stone, but Becky manages to stop him.


So Travis got caught in the grass? Travis kills Ross by choking him with a bunch of weed. And in a desperate attempt to break the cycle, Travis touches the rock to understand the grass and manages to lead Tobin back to the church.

Once there, the boy manages to warn Becky and Cal to stay away from the field. Becky is very confused, but seeing her bloody necklace, she realizes that it is best to go back, take Tobin to the police, and not give her baby up for adoption.

At the end we see that the brothers leave and Travis is covered by the sinister grass. Although he was seen dying in the field, he broke the cycle of time, since, if Becky and Cal don’t disappear for 2 months, he will never go looking for them, much less enter the grass.

So it’s possible that Travis is at home and lost in the grass at the same time. So the simplest reading of the ending of the film is that Tobin, Cal and Becky managed to escape from the field, while Ross and Nathalie were trapped.

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