‘In the name of Rocío’: Rocío Jurado’s executor points out that Amador Mohedano could have caused her ruin

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Rocío Carrasco has started a new professional project with ‘In the name of Rocío’. This new documentary series is presented as the continuation of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, although with quite a few differences from the first. Specifically, it will deal with the relationship that she maintains with her family that is most in the media, moving away from the harsh experience and suffering she experienced because of Antonio David Flores. However, another of the main novelties is that, in addition to providing documentation, Rocío Jurado’s daughter will have family and friends to explain the real truth. “In the other documentary she was not alone behind the cameras, but now I will not be alone in front of them,” Rocío Carrasco advanced in chapter 0 of ‘In the name of Rocío’

The famous cousins ​​​​of Chipiona de Rocío Carrasco, her father’s brother or María Teresa Campos are some of the family and friends who will participate as guests in the new Telecinco docuseries, which will be broadcast through Mitele Plus. However, one of the people who has surprised the most with her appearance is Ana Iglesias, who was a friend, lawyer and testamentary executor of Rocío Jurado. He had never appeared in the media before, although in this case he has done so indirectly, appearing only momentarily in the recording studio to deliver a letter to Rocío Carrasco in which he recounts what his relationship with his mother was like and, above all, everything, the relationship that she had with the media Mohedano, whom she does not leave in a good place in the writing.

“Amador is going to cost you a fortune”

During the recording of chapter 0 of ‘In the name of Rocío’, which as it appeared on the screen took place at the end of January 2022, Ana Iglesias surprised Rocío Carrasco by entering the scene. However, they simply merged into a hug and the face of the executor of Rocío Jurado, one of the fundamental characters in the testamentary cast that has always been talked about so much, was not even seen. Before leaving, she delivered a letter to the singer’s daughter, which she happened to read.

Ana Iglesia and Rocío Carrasco embrace in 'In the name of Rocío' |  Source: mitele.esAna Iglesia and Rocío Carrasco embrace in ‘In the name of Rocío’ | Source: mitele.es

Anaís Peces, director of ‘In the name of Rocío’ and in charge of asking Rocío Carrasco the pertinent questions, wanted to be interested in the document that she had given him. At that moment, the protagonist of the documentary informed him that it was a letter from her and that the executor herself authorized in it to make it public, partially or in its entirety. At that moment, she handed it over to the driver, who went on to read it carefully, omitting those parts that Rocío Carrasco said she should not read.

After announcing that Ana Iglesia and Rocío Jurado met because they were neighbors in La Moraleja, the lawyer became not only her friend, but also her adviser and friend. It was she who brought him the divorce from Pedro Carrasco, and she also commissioned him to analyze her economic situation at the time that Amador Mohedano became her manager. “Your mother began to notice that things were not going well, when she found out that many payments were made with surcharges for being paid late and asked me to study the operation of the activity, and I wrote some reports,” he pointed out in the letter. . Rocío Carrasco specified that she keeps those same reports to which the executor referred.

Amador Mohedano and Rocío JuradoAmador Mohedano and Rocío Jurado

It was at that precise moment that it was discovered why Amador Mohedano had always been so combative with his sister’s executor, since she herself advised Rocío Jurado to stop working with her brother due to her lack of preparation, reaching point out that “it’s going to cost you a fortune”. Decades later, when Amador and Gloria Mohedano found out that Ana Iglesias was the person who “the greatest” had chosen as the executor, “her anger was not with Ana, it was with my mother,” Rocío Carrasco concluded.

“He appointed me executor knowing what I thought of your uncles”

Amador Mohedano was not the only victim in the letter from Ana Iglesias, who also wanted to address Gloria Mohedano, Rocío Jurado’s other sister. “Your uncles believed that they were distributing the assets of a mother, not those of a sister. It is not at all frequent to leave so many legacies to brothers, nephews and third parties when the testator has children who are the legitimate heirs,” the executor clarified in the letter addressed to Rocío Carrasco.

José Ortega Cano and Gloria Mohedano on the balcony watching the procession of the Virgen de ReglaJosé Ortega Cano and Gloria Mohedano on the balcony watching the procession of the Virgen de Regla

Ana Iglesias concluded that Rocío Jurado “appointed me executor knowing my opinion about your uncles, an opinion that I formed from what I saw and from previous advice”, clearly implying that the singer’s brothers were not satisfied with the distribution that was carried out after the opening of the testament and knowing the last wishes. Rocío Carrasco justified all this by pointing out that “my mother knew that if she were to die and ‘the pack’ did not leave her well served, they were going to eat me. But it is something that she has not been able to avoid because they are as they are and they want more”.

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