In the end, King Juan Carlos will not return to Sanxenxo and these are the reasons

Max Yurva

King Juan Carlos will not finally return to Sanxenxo, in Pontevedra, to attend the sailing regattas, and alleges that this change in his agenda is due to strictly private reasons. This has been made known to his friends from the yacht club of said place, although before this visit was in the air.

King Juan Carlos receives a plaque for his presence at the regattas in SanxenxoKing Juan Carlos receives a plaque for his presence at the regattas in Sanxenxo

Sources from the club have been in charge of confirming the magazine Hello! that his trip has been postponed, and this was going to be his second time in Spain since he moved his residence to Abu Dhabi in August 2020. Although initially his intention was to attend this event, in the end he will not be at the 7th edition of the Rey Juan Carlos-El Corte Inglés Master Regatta this weekend. The news was known just three days before the start of the regatta, and King Juan Carlos is very sorry that he cannot be there, as detailed by the yacht club.

The reasons why he will not be able to be present at an event that bears his name have not transpired, although alluding to the fact that it is a private matter, it is likely that it will not be known. In addition, this trip was not official either, but it is a scheduled visit due to his passion for this sport.

King Juan Carlos laughing in Sanxenxo on his return to SpainKing Juan Carlos laughing in Sanxenxo on his return to Spain

On his previous visit to Sanxenxo, he stayed at the house of the President of the municipality’s Yacht Club, his friend Pedro Campos, from May 19 to 23, the date on which he made a visit to Madrid to meet up again with his family at the Palacio de la Operetta. He was visiting his son and other relatives when he stayed eleven hours in Madrid. Thus father and son were able to catch up in an extensive conversation, a conversation in which they addressed both family issues and other events.

I could go back to live in Spain

But despite the fact that he will not be in the Galician regattas, the King could move definitively to Spain, although it is clear that everything that refers to his residence is something of his private sphere. After his visit to Zarzuela, his Majesty the King’s house issued a statement, referring to his possible return to Spain: “As was made public, in his letter to His Majesty the King on March 5, Don Juan Carlos stated firstly, his desire to establish his permanent and stable place of residence in Abu Dhabi for personal reasons, and secondly, his decision to organize his personal life and his place of residence in areas of a private nature, both in his visits as if in the future he were to reside in Spain again, in order to continue enjoying the greatest possible privacy.All this, together with the other points that appear in said letter, constitutes the reference framework for the activities of His Majesty King Juan Carlos “.

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