Imperfects, Season 2 on Netflix: Everything We Know

imperfect arrived at Netflix without much publicity, but it seems to be catching the attention of a large part of fans of supernatural series. The series was created by Dennis Heaton, who in turn had already worked on another title of the genre for Netflix, with The Order.

The history of imperfect revolves around three young adults Tilda Webber (Morgan Taylor Campbell), Abbi Singh (Rhianna Jagpal) and Juan Ruiz (Iñaki Godoy). After learning that a deranged scientist has altered their DNA, giving them unique powers, Tilda, Abbi and Juan embark on a dangerous and desperate journey to find said scientist in hopes of a cure.

On the way, they meet devilish researchers who want to harvest their DNA and other people with strange powers. They also realize that a shadowy government organization called the Flux is after them.

The series’ plot quickly won over fans, mainly for presenting a mythological folklore based on creatures such as banshee, succubus and chupacabra. With such popularity, fans question whether Season 2 of imperfect will happen. Here’s what we know.

The 2nd season of imperfect

So far, Netflix has not given the green light for Season 2 of imperfect be produced. However, there is no reason for concern as the series has not been cancelled. It turns out that, generally, Netflix has a trial period when a production is released.

In this case, it is exactly this period that the series is currently in. The service evaluates numbers such as audience, engagement on social networks, as well as the length of time the title remains in the TOP 10. In fact, the latter has been a recurring indication of a possible renewal.

Although it was released next to another Netflix hit, Cobra Kai, the series has been responding well. As of this writing, Flixpatrol demonstrates that production is present in almost every country where Netflix is ​​present.

Still, fans will have to wait for a response from the service. That is, the confirmation of the 2nd season of imperfectwhether its cancellation, should be announced in the coming months.

NOTE: This article will be continuously updated. Any news about the new season of the series, we will update you.

Season 2 premiere of imperfect

Fans can expect a normal production cycle if Netflix quickly renews the series for new episodes. Netflix always tries to update its productions annually. However, we must take some factors into account.

In turn, Fate: The Winx Saga took almost 1 year and a half to get new episodes. This is due to the large number of special effects, which the new Netflix series also has. Finally, another factor can slow down the production of the series. Iñaki Godoy is also leading the cast of One Piece, a huge Netflix project that may have more of his dedication.

Anyway, a premiere forecast for Season 2 of imperfect is for September or October 2023.

The End of Season 1

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

One of the biggest questions about the end of the first year is whether Abbi, Tilda and Juan are cured. When Tilda and Juan finally find Sarkov, he explains the reasons behind his terrible experiments. According to him, there is a complex relationship between the rapid degradation of the human genome, the expansion of the human population and the climate crisis.

In the past, human evolution and climate change worked together. But since the industrial age, climate change has occurred at a rapid rate that human evolution cannot keep up with. As a result, human DNA is deteriorating rather than developing new strengths. ADGS is the name given to it.

Thus, Sarkov’s work in imperfect seeks to overcome this, so that humanity does not become the first species to cause its own extinction. There is a notion that Sakov is trying to accomplish a greater good, but the sheer immorality of his actions belies this.

He tries to spread his inventions using nanobots, but Tilda foils his plan. However, Sarkov discovers that Burke has developed a method that makes his need for nanobots obselete. Finch agrees to hand him over to Sarkov on the condition that he make the transformation permanent. So they decide to use Juan as a guinea pig.

This turns out to be the cure the protagonists were looking for. Instead of turning Juan into a Chupacabra, he heals him. Abbi subsequently injects Finch with the serum, turning her back on Burke. In turn, Burbe heals Abbi. But Tilda refuses treatment, deciding to keep her powers.

Possible plots for Season 2 of imperfect

Although the ending seems satisfactory, the 2nd season of imperfect may not be very good for the protagonists. A final revelation indicated such a change. Although he didn’t know it, Dr. Alex Sarkov, the man who performed the experiment on them, also suffered from the experiment.

Sarkov’s intelligence actually comes from the DNA of another scientist named Dr. Hallenbeck, who is seen talking to Dr. Burke, in a final video call. Certainly, the ramifications of all this will have a big impact in the new year.

Perhaps, the trio will eventually find a new ally in Sarkov. Or also, maybe we shouldn’t count our chupacabras yet.

Cast: Who will be in Season 2 of imperfect?

We will certainly see a good part of the cast returning for Season 2 of imperfect. So, as long as all goes well, this includes: Rhianna Jagpal as Abbi, Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda, Iñaki Godoy as Juan, and Italia Ricci as Dr. Sydney Burke will certainly return.

In addition, the series still features Rhys Nicholson as Dr. Alex Sarkov, Celina Martin as Hannah and Kyra Zagorsky as Isabel. Also, it is likely that some new characters in the new episodes.

Series had lower ratings than Resident Evil

Imperfects Season 2 on Netflix
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Whats-on-Netflix shared an interesting comparison. The portal pointed out that so far, it believes that the 2nd season of imperfect only have 50% to be renewed. Mainly due to the fact that in the same number of days the series was released compared to Resident Evil, the series only had 30% viewership than the zombie series.

In turn, Resident Evil was quickly cancelled. Using CVE metrics, which put hourly numbers on equal footing by dividing hours watched by series length, it is possible to compare the series’ performance with other titles. Whats-on-Netflix report says:

“The numbers from the first four days confirm this and they are not good, with only 3.4 million CVE. That’s a third of what the canceled Resident Evil series did, so unless something miraculous happens season 2 of imperfect will not happen.”

What to watch while you wait?

Netflix has been releasing a number of supernatural productions in recent years. One of them is even produced by Dennis Heaton, the same creator of the new Netflix series. Unfortunately, after two seasons, Heaton’s series The Order was cancelled.

If you’re looking forward to the 2nd season of imperfectyou may like the productions below.

October Faction;Invisible City;The Order;The Umbrella Academy;First Death.

So, are you looking forward to the season 2 premiere of imperfect?

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