If you are a spiritual director, participate in this free virtual conference of the Areté Center

Jasjot Singh

The Areté Catholic Psychology Center announced to the laity, priests and religious who serve as spiritual advisors, that on Tuesday, February 22, they will hold a free virtual conference with keys to spiritual accompaniment and personal reconciliation.

The conference is entitled “Spiritual Accompaniment and Personal Reconciliation” and is a response to “the longing for reconciliation and the hunger for God that all human beings have,” said the Areté Center.

He recalled that “for many centuries, spiritual accompaniment has been a privileged gift that the Church grants to its faithful” and that “through this means, resources are found to advance in Christian life and with it in the call to holiness.” ”.

He explained that there are some people such as “priests, religious, committed laity, psychologists, among others, who offer this apostolic service, and require tools to continue guiding the accompaniment they carry out.”

Faced with this need, the Areté Center pointed out that “from its comprehensive view of the human being, whom we recognize as a son of God, a unique and unrepeatable gift and inseparable unity: bio psycho spiritual, understands that the spiritual dimension of the person is the most important But it’s not the only one.”

He explained that in order to offer “a deep spiritual accompaniment, it is necessary to have a comprehensive view” of the human being, which also implies attending to the psychological and physical needs of people.

It is “fundamental to find means and resources to advance in an integral maturity, which helps the person find happiness and live a full and virtuous existence. That is why it is not only working on the spiritual dimension, but also on the psychological and physical ones”, he indicated.

In addition, he recalled that it is important to have “a reconciling view of the human being”, which implies helping people to “work hard in the process of personal reconciliation; that is, with God, with oneself, with others and with creation”.

The conference will be given by Mónica Caballero Andrade, a clinical psychologist from the Areté Center, a graduate in Reconciliation Psychotherapy, a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies and co-author of the book “Called to Reconciliation”.

The free virtual conference will be held on Tuesday, February 22 at 8:00 pm (Colombian time), through different virtual platforms. Those interested can register HERE.

For those who wish to delve into this topic, the Areté Center recalled that registration for its new virtual diploma entitled “Spiritual Accompaniment and Personal Reconciliation” is now open.

The course is divided into eight thematic units: Christian anthropology; spiritual accompaniment; counselor tasks and coordinates for his mission; psychological dimension of the human being; assessment, affectivity and personal reconciliation; human sexuality and its expressions; process of personal reconciliation and virtuous life.

“The participant will have 10 weeks from the day they pay for the diploma course, register and receive the key to enter the virtual classroom, to study and deepen the theoretical base, as well as to send the practical activities and evaluation activities,” explained the Center Arete.

Each module includes “a video of the class, the theoretical basis, a power point presentation, complementary resources, a practical activity and an evaluation activity,” he added.

The course will start on April 4 and the regular cost is 800 dollars; however, those who sign up by February 28 will pay the introductory price of $330.

The Areté Center is the first Spanish-speaking Catholic center, created in 2012 in Medellín (Colombia), with the aim of “developing an integral and Catholic psychology that helps people live virtue, from a reconciled and healthy life” .

The Center, whose patron saints are Saint Paul the Apostle and Saint Joseph of the Mountain, has been helping many people for just over ten years “through its various courses, conferences, diplomas, workshops and psychological care virtually and in person.”

In addition to Psychology at Home, it offers programs such as Escuela Amores, Escuela de Familias Virtuouses, Somos Contigo, among others. She also has a virtual diploma in Reconciliation Psychotherapy, radio programs in Santa María la Paz, and educational resources such as the Areté series on EWTN, the Psychology and Virtue blog, the Flash Areté, and the Creser audios.

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