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Nicolas Cage He revealed in his new GQ profile that he has paid off all his debts. The actor’s well-publicized financial troubles have led him to a string of VOD films, but he says he never called up any of his performances, despite what it looked like.Cage is now witnessing a career comeback that almost led to his Oscar nomination for last year’s performance pig.

Cage said unequivocally that Disney basically threw him out of the car when he needed studio support the most.After all, he starred in two hugely successful National treasure The Mouse House movie (not to mention the ’90s hit) rock and Kang Air), and is more than willing to return a third.But when he tried for the second time with the director to launch another Disney series Jon Turtletaub– 2010s Sorcerer’s Apprentice– failed, he said the studio was reluctant to let him come back for another National treasure Movie.Cage makes it clear he’s not blaming franchise producers Jerry Bruckheimer. In his own words:

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“I like to make pig and leave Las Vegas I like making movies more than I do National treasure…when I’m talking about sunny friends in Hollywood, I’m not talking about Jerry Bruckheimer. I’m talking about Disney. They are like an ocean liner. Once they’re heading in a certain direction, you have to get a million tugboats to try and turn it back. “

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But after losing his fortune to poor real estate decisions, Cage owes the IRS $14 million and millions to other creditors. To make matters worse, Cage said he was spending $20,000 a month to keep his mother out of the mental hospital. Determined not to declare bankruptcy and get out of financial trouble, Cage decided to take on every role he came across. In the years following bankruptcy, he signed on to star in 46 films, many of which were released directly to digital. He said:

“The phone went off. Like, ‘You mean we’re not doing anything National Treasure 3? It’s been 14 years. why not? ‘ ‘All right, wizard’s apprentice is useless, and Ghost Rider Really don’t sell tickets.and driving angry, It’s just come and go’… When I’m making four films a year, back to back, I still have to find something in them to go all out. None of them work.Some of them are great like Mandy, But some of them didn’t work. But I never called. So if there is a misunderstanding, this is it. I’m just doing it and don’t care.A generation used to be care. “

A year and a half ago, Cage paid off his last debt.He has since featured an uncharacteristically low-key performance on the critically acclaimed TV series pig. next will see him play a fictional version of himself in the director Tom Gormiconof Massive talent overwhelmed, is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 22.His fans are also excited Runfield, a revisionist horror comedy in which Cage will play Count Dracula. It feels like the good old days may be coming back.


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