HUH Token Will it be the New Safemoon Killer: How to Buy the Cryptocurrency

The Innersane

When meme tokens first appeared on the cryptocurrency scene many investors dismissed these meme-cryptos as being useless and a waste of time. With time, these ideas quickly became a thing of the pass as many meme coins have gone on to show an excellent track record of price performance. One notable pioneer meme coin is Dogecoin, which was founded in 2013. Currently, DOGE is amongst the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap.

Apart from Dogecoin, a few other meme cryptos have been performing excellently, showing that they can have a real utility like normal cryptos, too. Such coins include SafeMoon, Shiba INU, HUH Token and others.

Launched in March 2022, SafeMoon has significantly contributed to the increased interest of investors in meme tokens. The creators made many exciting promises to investors, but whether they have lived up to such promises is debatable.

However, since the price of SafeMoon reached its All-Time High (ATH) of $0.00004 on April 20, it has since plummeted about 80% from its peak. Is this a safe zone to buy the coin again?

Well, when choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in there are several things to consider, and if one token such as SafeMoon is not doing as well as expected, then it might be a better idea to consider a new option such as HUH Token.


HUH Token is an emerging meme cryptocurrency created to modernize traditional finance and make a new stream of passive income through its referral system. The Creators of the token believe content creators do not have to base their earnings solely on advertisements; instead, they can also start selling their social media posts and photos using the HUH token.

The token implements a static reward system that encourages network users to HODL the coin for the long term. This way, they could mitigate major price fluctuations affecting other tokens, such as SafeMoon.

The founders of this project understand the influence of sentimental swing trades and how they can render any cryptocurrency useless. Consequently, they have put up strategies that discourage token dumping. One such strategy is setting the tax on sell orders to 20%. This percentage is at a normal sell, below you will read why the referral system benefits you as a seller also. An expensive selling fee discourages token holders from dumping, thereby ensuring price stability and enhancing the utility of such a coin.

The meme token will be launching with a total supply of 888,000,000,000, the team aims to make the token available and approachable for as many investors as possible, with strategies in place to encourage long-term holdings.

This includes a unique referral system that rewards every token holder who refers an individual to join the HUH community. The 2-tier referral system benefits both the referrer and the referee, making it a worthwhile venture for both parties.

When you refer anyone using your unique referral code, you receive 10% BNB redistribution on the initial purchase of the referee and a permanently reduced sell tax from 20% to 10%. If your referee also refers another individual, you will still earn a 2% redistribution from the third individual that was refereed. The best part is that you can referrer as many people as you like, so you can continue to reap the rewards of the referral scheme. All gains are redistributed automatically into the wallets of token holders, making life easier for all those involved.

How to Buy HUH Cryptocurrency?

As a new cryptocurrency, HUH can only be bought presently at PancakeSwap using Binance Coin, BNB. However, according to the founders, they are working on listing HUH on other top exchanges, including Binance, soon.

A Final Comment

If you are seriously considering investing in cryptocurrency then be prepared to invest time into researching your options. It can be easy to play it safe and go with the names you have heard time and time before, however, with such an increase of demand of crypto more sophisticated options are popping up. Old does not always mean gold. Checking out new options, such as HUH Token, could lead to bigger and better investments.

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