How To Save Money In The UK: Saving Strategies To Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Max Yurva

Even though home expenses are rising across the UK, cost-cutting is simpler than you would expect. We all need a little financial motivation to help us save where we can, regardless of whether we have more money saved or have used all of our resources. And by using our advice, the typical household may save tons of money annually. So, have a look at our 12 tried-and-true money-saving strategies. How much you can save without even doing much effort will astound you.

1. Save first, then spend

Make a financial plan in which you set an amount for spending, enjoyment, and saving. This is a sure-fire path to financial freedom. Apply the 50/30/20 versatile budgeting method. This indicates that 50% of your salary is spent on necessities, 30% is spent on enjoyment (dining out, for example), and 20% is set aside for future needs. When times are hard, you can change the ratios if this division doesn’t suit you.

2. Give up Smoking

In addition to improving your health, stopping smoking will also benefit your wallet because you’ll spend less money on a variety of financial goods and cigarettes. This is totally a waste of money and causes serious bad effects on your health. So, try to avoid smoking and save your money this way. Regardless of how frequently you smoke, it is an unhealthy and pricy investment. In the UK, a pack of cigarettes typically costs roughly £9.19. If you smoke one pack each day, your yearly expenditure would be staggering—£3,354.35. If you quit smoking after five years, you might save £16,771.75.

3. Buy Medicines At Wholesale Price

There are many ways to reduce the price of medications without sacrificing their quality. You should buy the medicines from websites that offer discounts and wholesale prices. 

4. Utilize vouchers and coupons

Coupons and vouchers, which are sometimes mailed to you directly and are occasionally available online, are a terrific way to cut a few pounds off your monthly grocery bill.

Take a snapshot of the code on your phone, to ensure that you don’t lose it.

5. Shop from the reduced section

Examining your supermarket’s reduced segment for your necessities is another excellent way to reduce food waste and lower your grocery bill. Another possibility is that a product like a package of washing powder was broken at the shop and is now being sold at a discount.


6. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Similar to this, it’s a good idea to streamline your subscription services because you can come across ones that charge ongoing payments for things you never use. You may usually cancel them by contacting the service provider or cancelling the direct debit with your bank. For more information about cancelling recurring payments, go to this page.

7. Restrict yourself on alcohol

Similar to smoking, drinking can be an expensive habit; for Brits, a typical night out costs more than £70. You could have saved more than £3,500 a year if you partied every weekend.

8. Minimize your social engagements

Similar to that, social gatherings might deplete your savings. It might be significantly less expensive to do something enjoyable and free with your friends instead of immediately going to an event.

9. Employ cashback services

It might be advantageous to utilise cashback providers when buying a big, necessary item like a fridge or searching for insurance. When you make a purchase through the cashback company’s website, they will get a commission, which they will then split with you. Although the procedure could take some time, you might get some of your money back, depending on what you buy.

10. Sell Useless Items

You can sell anything you feel like you don’t need it anymore.  Facebook Marketplace is excellent for locating folks in your neighbourhood to save paying mail because it doesn’t charge users a fee or collect a commission. Another great, user-friendly choice is eBay.

11. Rent clothing for special events

Renting can frequently be more affordable than purchasing a new dress or suit for each wedding or special occasion you attend. You’ll only need to compare this to how many events you’ll be attending and how frequently you’ll rent rather than buy.

12. Save On Electricity

Electrical devices should be turned off while not in use. Knowing how to save around the house can eventually help you to save some money. Even basic strategies, like turning off appliances at the wall when not in use, can help you reduce your energy costs.

13. Use free Trading bots

If you’re a cryptocurrency trader, you should use free trading bots like bitqt to perform your regular trades. In this way, you’d be able to save money on executing trades. 

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