How to know when an exorcist is needed?

Jasjot Singh

An exorcist priest explained how a person can know that he is being attacked by the devil in a particular way and that he needs special spiritual help.

In statements to ACI Prensa, Fr. Francisco Torres Ruiz, priest of the Diocese of Plasencia (Spain) and in charge of the ministry of exorcism, pointed out that many times cases of demonic possession occur in people who practice “the occult or magic.” , or they have these ‘new age’ therapies.”

This type of person, he said, is usually “far from God” or “has a very weak faith, a faith that is more superstitious than really a theological faith, as a virtue really understood.”

“Therefore, many times a person who practices these things begins to have perhaps feelings of sadness, negative thoughts, and things like that that seem very soft. Of course, since we are far from God or we are atheists or whatever, well, we do not realize it and we think that this is something purely and exclusively psychological, ”she said.

Father Torres Ruiz lamented that “what is really dramatic is that when someone comes to see an exorcist they have already spent a long time, months and even years of inexplicable suffering, of illnesses that have no cure.”

“And even that the diagnoses of the diseases give a positive diagnosis, there is nothing”, although the person continues to experience “shattering pains” in the stomach or vomits.

“When things like this come, inexplicable, the first thing one should do is, apart from renouncing all the evil that he may have done and all those games, then go to a priest,” he said.

The Spanish priest specified that “not because my belly hurts and the doctors don’t know why I have to go see a priest because it’s going to be the devil, no.”

“In addition to the signs, let’s say physical or mental, there are others of a spiritual nature,” he specified.

Among these signs, he said, are “the inability to sleep, very real nightmares and even physical injuries to the body as a result of those nightmares, aversion to the sacred, not being able to keep one’s eyes fixed on a cross, a picture or an image of the Virgin, or of the saints, turning around and getting upset and getting really bad when entering a church”.

“Or, for example, feel disgust, disgust towards holy water or exorcised water,” he added.

Francisco Torres Ruiz pointed out that “these are all signs that are there and that have to alert us to a possible diabolical action and, therefore, what is necessary is to go quickly to a priest, the parish priest or whoever it is and ask for a blessing, a prayer over it to see what there is.”

“And, in the last case, after a process, then go to an exorcist priest who will treat you in a more systematic way about that evil that you suffer from,” he said.

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