How Gabby Petito’s Death Exposed a Dark Side of #VanLife

Subhashree Panda

Some years back Annie and her partner started saving money as they were planning to buy a van. And within a short period, they got settled in that van on the road along with a bundle of experience. Within no time she started influencing people as a #vanlife influencer.

The Dark Side Of A #Vanlife Influencer

Eventually, with time Annie came up with various ways of her part of life. She used to take sun-kissed selfies along with a cozy place to live in. The packets of Doritos and those empty soda bottles.

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Annie was enjoying her freedom at its best and she had also been to the places where she has never been there for. She has felt very light in those early days as she has no such schedule or work to follow up with. But she was only busy enjoying the feeling of living outside which is quite a unique feeling to experience.

Domestic Violence Is Not Necessary To Explore Something New

Annie revealed that she along with her partner were known to each other for six months before they both got settled on the road. Then gradually their relationship started facing difficulty to be together for each other. Her partner has started to abuse her vocally. He used to pin down points on the past relations she had have. With time he had been to the worst of his anger by punching the walls throughout and torturing her. Also, he had a problem with Annie going outside with particular people. He used to scream at her when she tried to protect herself from all this.

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She had been on to depression for her partner’s behavior towards her. She said. She had never imagined that her dream of staying together and enjoying would cost her such a big amount to pay for. Meanwhile, they had been to several places to explore for. But most of the time they had been apart from each other being at one place together. She was so frustrated to that extent that she had thought to went down in any way possible to anywhere she can get off in. But it was very tough for her to be with somebody she isn’t comfortable with anymore.

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