Hell of a Game Trailer Reveals Jumanji-Style Supernatural Comedy

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There’s nothing more fun than a board game-centric movie.either classic Jumanji or an underrated gem game night, these types of movies always give a thrilling sense of adventure and endless laughs. Now the latest movies of this sub-genre, Gartrop: One game hell, will be released in June. In preparation for your next game night, XYZ Films has released a diabolical new trailer for this supernatural comedy.

The trailer does a good job of showing the plot of the movie, as we see a group of friends reunited to reminisce about their youth. Of course, that involves drinking and stumbled upon the board game Gatlopp – which happens to have a supernatural twist. If someone doesn’t beat it before sunrise, the player will spend the rest of their lives in hell. One thing this trailer does well is show off the great chemistry of its cast. The energy is so high in this video that you can absolutely believe that these characters have been best friends for years.

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It also helps that all of the characters’ overreactions to their horrific situations are super funny, which adds to the joyful madness of this trailer. one of the stars of the movie, Emmy Raver-Lampmanshe’s one of the Netflix stars, so no stranger to hilarious absurdity Umbrella Academy. Having said that, it would be fun to see her play this board game full of ghosts and deadly traps.

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It’s a trailer and story that many can easily relate to — we all get together with our high school or college friends, desperately trying to relive the magic of our youth. This trailer captures that feeling, and how difficult it was to relive those carefree years. This was even before the introduction of supernatural board games.

handguard It feels like it combines people’s love of movies Jumanji and game night Hilarious commentary on the struggle to maintain lifelong friendships. There are plenty of memorable and funny moments in this trailer, like our character being shot with an arrow and literally transported to hell. The trailer plays like a reunion with a friend you haven’t seen in years, handguard It’s a movie people should pay attention to.

Gartrop: One game hell Depend on Alberto Bailey and by Jim Mahoney. Movie stars Laver Lampman, Mahoney, Jon Bass, Conversation with J. Jackson, Shelley Hennig, John Ayersand Amy Davidson. handguard In theaters and on demand June 16, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer below.

This is the official introduction Gartrop: One game hell:

A group of old friends reunite after a decade apart for a nostalgic night of fun and games. After one too many, they decide to play a drinking game, but soon discover that the game comes with supernatural stakes.Mischief leads to chaos and the group realizes that if they can’t unite before sunrise to win the game, they’ll be forced to play forever – in hell

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