Hearthstone: Assassination at Nathria Castle | Review – Elementary, Watson!

August is vacation time for most Italians, but for all those who love digital card games it is also time for the second annual expansion of Heartstonewhich always comes during the first decade of the month to cheer the free time of those who just cannot detach themselves from the Blizzard title.

About a month after launch, after having thoroughly tested (here also an exclusive reveal), decks and metagameswe are ready to tell you what we think of Assassination at Nathria Castlewhich, we can anticipate, promises to be one of the most convincing expansions for some time now.

Follow us in our review, which will also cover the news included in season 2 of the Battle, if you want to know why.

New Battles

Let’s start right from the queue, given that season 2 of the Battle it started a few days ago and brought a large amount of news, certainly the greatest since the debut of this mode, which this year will blow out three candles.

Let’s start withintroduction of queststhirteen in total with over twenty possible rewards: each player will be offered three from which to choose one inevitably in the fourth round of each game.

As for the quests of the basic mode, the easier the missions will be to complete and the less impacting the results that they will lead to their completion, and the evaluations to be made are not only absolute, that is linked to the quality of the final reward, but also relative. , depending on the team of heroes set up by the player, who have recently been joined by Sire Denathrius and Murloc Holmes, the true protagonist of the narrative around which Assassination at Nathria Castle revolves.

The revamped Battle Mode is even more thrilling

To this novelty are added many others, perhaps less impacting in terms of gameplay but still significant: they range from new Battle route dedicated to this mode, with dedicated prizes, to the possibility of purchasing a Season Pass with the new currency, the Runestones.

The introduction of the latter has so far made the community turn up a bit, since these can only be purchased with real money and are useful for unlocking additional heroes (four instead of two) in Battle mode.

Like all news, this simply needs to be digested, and we do not exclude that Team 5, which has so far always paid close attention to feedback from users, decides to change the recently introduced monetization system.

Overall, the addition of missions greatly spice up matches, and is a great breath of fresh air for this mode.

A large number of lore characters flock to this expansion

Infusions in every place

Infusionkey keyword of the new expansion, it immediately proved to be intuitive to use and tactically significant, if it is true that it adapts as well to very aggressive decks as to more reflective ones, which focus rather on board control.

Its operation is simple: for each dead minion on the field, the cards with Infusion in the player’s hand are gradually strengthened, up to guaranteeing very powerful effects in relation to the mana spent.

To make the most of this new feature you obviously need decks equipped with servants (farewell to the exclusively magical Magician, so to speak) and the patience to wait for the right moment to launch potentially devastating attacks, to which the opponent can not fail to respond.

The shaman’s card that we revealed to you exclusively a few weeks ago

The synergy with decks with several minions to send to slaughter is evident, as well as the one with the servants with a good death rattle, but the applications are actually many, and they seem reward (at least in these first few weeks) decks that are less in a hurry to close gamesthanks to the ten mana cost of Sire Denathrius, probably the most powerful infusion card in Assassination at Nathria Castle.

Wanting to mention just one more name, we found that Prince Renathal, which allows you to have thirty cards in the deck and forty life points, represents the Legendary with the most impact on game mechanics for several years now: indispensable for all control decks, from the Druid to the Priest, passing through the Quest Warlock, this card rewrites the basic rules that Hearthstone (here the booster packs at a discounted price) has followed since its debut, opening up to a range of new decks and new ideas that before, they simply weren’t possible.

It should be noted that the ten suspects in the murder that is the leitmotif of the narrative part of the expansion, much more accurate than in the recent past, are none other than the ten new legendary class minionswith an appreciated continuity between narration and gameplay, and therefore we stop here in order not to risk leaving other class cards in the shade that certainly, if well exploited, deserve a place in many decks.

Not to be overlooked is the strategic importance, however, spread over several shifts, of the Placesthe other big news of the expansion.

These are cards that remain on the playing field for a variable number of turns, depending on the use made of them by the player, and which guarantee various types of bonuses for their minions (such as increasing basic statistics or adding features such as Assault) or penalties for opponents, such as the ability to freeze an enemy minion.

Their use is already, in itself, the result of one strategic evaluation: if, on the one hand, they occupy one of the seven slots for the minions without being able to attack, on the other hand they guarantee an ace in the hole that lasts on the board for several turns, and which can therefore prove decisive on several occasions, always bearing in mind that a cooldown shift is required between uses.

If the hunter and the sorcerer have made Places of the central cards for their respective themed decks, the other classes, such as the wizard, have also benefited a lot and, as anyone who has followed our Hearthstone reviews for a long time will know, from our part we always appreciate the cards that guarantee a greater level of control of the game, minimizing the impact of luck and randomness in the games.

Assassination at Nathria Castle also satisfied us from this point of view, because the path slowly taken by Team 5 regarding the malevolent god called RNG seems to be starting to bear fruit, and the Places represent an important link in the chain that leads, ideally, to a game that is increasingly the son of the choices of the players and less and less at the mercy of uncertainty.

Please siore and siori, on this side

Small flaws

“There is also something that we didn’t like it? ” you are wondering.

Well yes, one aspect in particular, but in the economy of such a positive and brilliant expansion its weight is quite relative: as already happened with the publication of other expansions, some classes seem to have benefited less from the new gameplayso much so that the archetypes that you encounter climbing the rankings are almost unchanged compared to those that were the most popular immediately after the balancing patches that followed the Route to the Submerged City.

We are referring to classes like the Paladinfor which robots and single-color decks are still the most popular, the Warriorwhich only offers the control variant based on the accumulation of armor, and the Priestprobably the most mistreated class of the whole lot.

If, on the one hand, this has always happened and is now almost to be considered “normal”, since each expansion seems to focus on three or four classes in particular in rotation, on the other hand, it is always disappointing to look for opponents in Standard mode and almost always run into in the same classes and in the same types of decks, because variety is the first enemy of boredom, which for a card game on the market for eight years now should be the absolute evil to escape from.

In many ways this is the MVP of the setHearthstone - Assassin at Nathria Castle

Overall, however, the range of strategic choices available to those who want to compose a new deck from scratch with any class is still more than satisfactory, and it is not certain that in the coming weeks no further buffs or debuffs will arrive to better balance the situation and to propose something new also for the classes so far left a bit cut off.

We close our analysis with a consideration that should not be underestimated: theimpressionnet of the envelopes unlocked by the developer to allow us to carry out this test and the aforementioned, cold welcome from the community for the Season Pass of the renewed Battle mode, is that those purchased with in-game currency and real money are more profitable for the player.

Never before, Assassination at Nathria Castle pampers the player, old or new, by constantly bombarding them with additional missions, free legendary packs and cards and bonuses of various kinds, as if the intention of the development team is to return to the early years of the game, when it really gave the impression of being free-to-play.

It is therefore pleasant to see how today, after a few more opaque years from this point of view, Hearthstone is a game that can easily be enjoyed without investing a single euro.

Whether or not you are able to resist the charm of that other sachet that calls you, well, that’s another story …

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