Heart of a Father: Premiere of a film about Saint Joseph will be at La Sagrada Familia

The famous Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will be the scene of the premiere of the film “Heart of a Father” on March 15a documentary by Goya Producciones that rediscovers the figure of Saint Joseph of Nazareth, not only as the Holy Custodian but as a “powerful ally in the family for today’s world.”

Andrés Garrigó, director of the film, commented that “it is very significant that the screening of the documentary takes place in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia”, because “initially (Antonio) Gaudí thought of it to honor the saint, and the history of this temple shows it to us”.

The first stone was placed on March 19, 1882, on the feast of San José. Exactly three years later the chapel that bears his name was inaugurated; and “in 1958, also on March 19, the sculptural ensemble of the Sagrada Familia is placed on the Nativity Facade,” explains Garrigó.

In a note sent by Goya Producciones to ACI Prensa, Fr. Josep Maria Turull Garriga, rector of the Sagrada Familia Basilica, said that the screening of the film in this church “is an exceptional event and has reason to be, because we are celebrating 140 years of the first stone”.

Turull indicated that this event “is significant because we finished celebrating the year of Saint Joseph that Pope Francis closed last December 8, and that same day in Barcelona the tower of the Virgin Mary was blessed and inaugurated in the basilica.”

“Also, next March 19, the Camino de San José will be closed, a pilgrimage through the parishes dedicated to the saint in the Archdiocese of Barcelona,” the priest stressed.

Another fact that links San José with the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia dates back to November 7, 2010, when Pope Benedict XVI presided over the Mass of consecration of the Church and the altar.

“The joy I feel at being able to preside over this ceremony has been increased when I learned that this temple, from its origins, has been closely linked to the figure of Saint Joseph,” said the now Pope Emeritus, whose baptismal name is Josef Ratzinger.

“I was especially moved by the confidence with which Gaudí, faced with the innumerable difficulties he had to face, exclaimed full of confidence in divine Providence: ‘Saint Joseph will finish the temple’. That is why now, it is still significant that it is dedicated by a pope whose first name is Joseph”, affirmed Benedict XVI.

“Father’s Heart” is a film directed by Andrés Garrigó and was recorded in Spain, Italy, the United States, Canada, Peru, France and the Philippines.

In these places, the note indicated, “the protagonists of authentic miracles tell us their stories and the favors of Saint Joseph, which range from radical conversions and impossible healings, to the recomposition of broken marriages.”

The documentary is distributed in Spain by European Dreams Factory and will hit Spanish cinemas on March 18.

Garrigó commented on the film that Saint Joseph “acts as a protector of parents and families, as the patron saint of the Church, as an intercessor for workers, and as a helper for the dying. In the film we highlight one of the lesser known titles of his: terror of demons”.

In Spain, the film shows the strong influence of Saint Joseph in Toledo, Ávila and Barcelona. In this city, for example, the San José youth group cares for the homeless.

For the director, this film “completes what we could call Goya’s trilogy: ‘Burning Heart’, ‘Fátima, the Last Mystery’, and ‘Father’s Heart’, which respectively represent ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’, the Earth Trinity.

Garrigó highlighted the testimony of the American priest Donald Calloway, who “went from a turbulent youth with prison sentences, to becoming a priest and world propagator of love for the Patriarch.”

With 22 years of work, Goya Productions has other films to its credit such as “Fátima, the last mystery”, “Corazón Ardiente”, “Petra de San José”, “Poveda” and “Luz de Soledad”.

More information about “Father’s Heart” at this link www.corazondepadre.es

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