Great classics, new faces and a lot of rhythm in Los 40 Primavera Pop 2022 that have returned to the long-awaited normal

We were looking forward to fully returning to music and let’s go if we have succeeded. The 40 Primavera Pop have returned to normalcy in style with great artists on stage at the Wizink Center. While we were still taking off our coats, Manuel Carrasco made an appearance to fill the venue with magic with his ‘How beautiful it is to love’, cutting off our air and bringing happiness and hope to all those present.

Manuel Carrasco in The 40 Spring Pop 2022Manuel Carrasco in The 40 Spring Pop 2022

Colored balloons and a lot of emotion made the start of the concert something epic. ‘It was’, his other great song of the moment, turned on the Wizink’s lanterns to make the best concert start in history. Nor has the message against the war in Ukraine been lacking from the artist who has launched ‘let the fucking war be over!’ from the depths of his heart.

Agoney in The 40 Spring Pop 2022Agoney in The 40 Spring Pop 2022

After the veteran artist, the new faces of the moment have arrived to stand up and make all the teenagers who plagued the Wizink Center in Madrid scream. Pole and Hens, with their modern rhythm, monopolized all the attention, followed by Lérica, who have offered a mix with their new hit, ‘La spark’, along with Nil Moliner and ‘Children with you’, a song in which he threw himself into The collaboration with Mau and Ricky, who were also there that night, is missing.

Agoney set foot for the first time on the big stage of the mythical Palacio de los Deportes packed for the occasion and did so with his dance team to present his new hit, ‘Bangover’, to all those present. Ainhoa ​​Buitrago launched her feminist message asking for more women in the profession and after her Zzoilo appeared with his already considered anthem ‘Mon amour’. The screams could be heard in her native Estepona, as the announcer correctly announced when introducing her, since Ana Mena has the whole of Spain surrendered at her feet, especially with her ‘Light Music’.

Ana Mena and Nil Moliner at The 40 Music Awards 2022Ana Mena and Nil Moliner at The 40 Music Awards 2022

Nil Moliner, who will step on the Wizink Center solo for the first time in May, did so today with guitar in hand to sing ‘Libertad’ only accompanied by it, to later be accompanied by Ana Mena to make people dance with ‘ I stay’. We have stayed, without a doubt. Miki Núñez and his ’10 minutes’, David Otero and Bombai or Leo Rizzi with his ‘Amapolas’, are some of the artists who have given us that good vibes that are so necessary at this time.

Lola Indigo and Belén Aguilera at The 40 Music Awards 2022Lola Indigo and Belén Aguilera at The 40 Music Awards 2022

Dvicio and his new song or Marlon with his beloved pop rock, brought great moments to the Wizink stage, as did Walls and Marc Seguí, with whom the fans roared deafeningly with their already remembered ‘360’ and ‘shootout’ Belén Aguilera ate up the stage with hers ‘Camaleón’ and Lola Índigo made her star appearance holding her hand to sing ‘La Tirita’. She then did her big number with ‘La Niña de la Escuela’ and ‘Solteras’, at which point no one could resist throwing a dance.

Special mention for the expected number of Chanel

Chanel’s performance should be highlighted, as everyone was waiting for the singer to delight us with her ‘SloMo’, a song with which she will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. There is nothing left for him to head to Turin and any movement or change in the show is closely watched but, without a doubt, tonight’s number was 10.

Chanel in The 40 Spring Pop 2022Chanel in The 40 Spring Pop 2022

The artist has opted this time for a shiny bodysuit, but it is unknown what the outfit chosen for Eurovision will be. The great moment of ‘SloMo’ has come with the dance solo that Chanel has scored in the middle of the song, leaving all of us who were watching her breathless. There is no doubt that it deserves a more than deserved high place in the scores.

The international also triumphs

If there is something that has been in this edition of Los 40 Primavera Pop, it has been the presence of great international artists, mainly urban. Mau and Ricky were pure energy on stage with their legendary songs, while Tiago PZK drove the audience crazy with ‘Bombona’. As internationals we have also had Purple Disco Machine, who have provided the much-needed dance touch -on the other hand- on a night with little style of this.

Nicky Jam during his performance at Los 40 Primavera Pop 2022Nicky Jam during his performance at Los 40 Primavera Pop 2022

The main course was international and when Justin Quiles sang ‘Loco’ no one could have their butt on the seat. The Wizink Center was falling with his great songs but, when Nicky Jam appeared, everything was blown up. The artist has delighted us with the most mythical hits in the history of urban music, such as ‘Until dawn’ or ‘El lover’ and has been a colossal closing for a night in which music has once again felt the way we used to before, big time.

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