Forspoken: the gameplay, the plot and the release date of the video game

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The Light productionssubsidiary of the famous Square Enixhas made only one game to date, namely Final Fantasy XV. The studio started in March 2018, when the company moved staff from the Final Fantasy team to a separate group after the PC version was shipped. Luminous, led by the main Final Fantasy programmer Takeshi Aramakithus managed the Stadia edition of the title. This is now about to be followed by an awaited new title, the first self-made by the studio, initially called Project Athia and now renamed The prophesied (translatable as “abandoned”).

The title is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy world filled with snow-capped peaks, dense forests and fire-breathing monsters. This has also been developed specifically to take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the PlayStation 5. Technologies featured in the game include ray tracing for greatly improved lighting effects and procedural generation for creating large-scale play locations. While waiting to be able to play it, however, it will certainly be useful to deepen some of the main curiosities related to this. Continuing the reading here, it will be possible to find further details relating to the game and his plot. The main ones will also be listed console on which you can use it, as well as the price and requirements.

Forspoken: release date, console and price

Published by Square EnixForspoken will be released on May 24, 2022 and will be exclusive PlayStation 5. Most likely, the title will be available for purchase in physical or digital format, finding the latter on the official stores of the consoles mentioned here. Currently it is not possible to define the price, which will be announced only when the game is approaching.

Forspoken: the gameplay of the video game

According to the director Takeshi Aramakithe gameplay will focus on the speed and fluidity of crossing the terrain. Square Enix herself also described the game as “a story-driven adventure”. The character will in fact exist in an open world game format in which players will be able to travel anywhere and at any time. From the trailer, further clues are revealed on the type of gameplay with which players will find themselves having to relate. The main character can run fast and jump great distances, crossing canyons and the like. This is allowed by his magical powers, which the player will have to learn to use and manage throughout the game.

As you progress, in fact, you will notice how the skills available to the character increase surprisingly, making him stronger and stronger. Similarly, during the game you will collide with different enemies, for which you will have to have certain skills. The trailer also shows the protagonist face to face with three wolf-like enemies. The woman draws the roots from the ground, which swallows one of the wolves. Again, the suggestion is to use the natural world to solve problems. The trailer also shows much larger enemies, including a giant towering eye held up by what looks like a large tree trunk and a huge dragon-like creature. This doesn’t guarantee boss battles, but it definitely suggests they’re likely to be.

Forspoken: the plot of the video game

Not many details have been released about the game’s plot. Currently, also based on what can be deduced from the trailer, Forspoken seems to take place in a wild and mysterious world called Athia, full of monsters, pitfalls and unexpected events at every corner. It is a place with varied vegetation, where the law of nature dominates everything, leaving room only for those who manage to survive. It is therefore a place where either you are prey or you are a hunter. Here we find, in an unspecified way, the protagonist, Frey Netherlands (played by the actress Ella Balinska), a young woman who, in order to survive, will have to learn to use her magical powers, defending herself from what can be a danger to her. Advancing in those lands, however, she will find herself in front of increasingly dangerous enemies and mysteries to be revealed.

Forspoken: the video game trailer

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