Former ‘Air Bud’ Cast Member Reveals he was Sexually Assaulted by Stunt Dog

Shiwangi Paul

What is the Matter All About? 

The shocking news comes from the cast of the 1997 famous sports comedy “Air Bud.” A former cast member of the show has put allegations on a stunt dog used in the show. The former cast accused the stunt dog of sexually assaulted him while the show was being filmed. However, the matter is now in court after the former cast filed a lawsuit against the stunt dog. The former cast has filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court.

Former 'Air Bud' Cast Member Says he was Sexually Assaulted by Stunt Dog
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Former Cast Accuses Stunt Dog of Sexual Assualt 

A former cast of the blockbuster hit has put allegations on Air Bud’s late stunt double of sexually harassing him. Recently, the matter has come to light after the former actor filed a lawsuit against the stunt dog in L.A. County Superior Court. The late stunt double, Buster, a cross-bred Golden Retriever, is accused of causing $250 million worth of damage to the former cast. The accuser, referred to as John Doe in the official files, that a production assistant summoned him to Buster’s dressing room. Buster was wearing nothing and was completely nude in his dressing room. He came forward to the victim in a very aggressive manner, wagging his tail and shoved his nose against the victim’s genitals. The former cast claimed that all the while, Buster was sniffing vehemently.

Former 'Air Bud' Cast Member Says he was Sexually Assaulted by Stunt Dog
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Claims of the Attorneys from Both the Parties 

The former cast’s attorney claims that the victim suffered several mental breakdowns. He watched the reruns of “When Animals Attack” on Fox and have a severe mental breakdown. Lillie-May Barnes, the attorney, claims that the dog has overlooked all the appeals and acted like nothing ever happened. On the other hand, Buster’s spokesperson claims that Buster was a good dog and he can never do anything like that. He further says that the former cast is trying to extort some money from doing so.

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