Football streaming breaks records on platforms and consolidates in the market in 2022

The growth of football on streaming platforms happened gradually, still in 2020 and 2021 with some European games. However, during the last few months we have been able to follow the consolidation of this market with several audience records. Brazilian football was mainly responsible for this, with classics gathering millions of spectators via the internet. In a year of the World Cup, it is good news for the services that are investing in this sector.

In the first half of this year, news showed how strong the potential of streaming is in national football: the Campeonato Paulista recorded around 87 million views during the tournament, surpassed the Premier League and became the most watched football championship on the internet. The record of views consolidated HBO MAX’s bet on broadcasting the São Paulo games firsthand, since the large audience certainly guaranteed new subscribers to the platform, who arrived to follow football and learn about the films and series available.

Digital gains strength in sport

The success of streaming is proof that digital platforms are on the rise in sports, not just broadcasts. Football fans can follow the latest sports news and extensive coverage of the tournaments on various sports betting sites, such as Betano and Betfair, which offer welcome bonuses and promotions, as well as the possibility to bet with different devices, such as cell phone, tablet and computer.

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Digital platforms offer much more dynamics than traditional television. Fans are always connected to the internet, especially with the increasing popularity of social networks. Therefore, it shouldn’t take long for digital to become the protagonist of sports in Brazil, with almost 100% coverage of events. This expansion has taken place not only in São Paulo, but also in several other states.

Streaming in Rio de Janeiro

In addition to the Campeonato Paulista, streaming also targeted Rio de Janeiro football and was right on target. The classic between Flamengo and Vasco, valid for the 10th round of the Guanabara Cup, was an audience success and gathered 4 million live viewers on the available platforms. On Twitch TV alone, there were about 2 million fans following the match through Casimiro and Camisa 21 channels. A success that should happen again in 2023.

The data indicate that streaming platforms are not only gaining space with series, documentaries and movies, but also with football. Currently, HBO Max and Star+ have become a benchmark for sports coverage by broadcasting the European Champions League and Copa Libertadores, respectively. The future of sports streaming is promising, and the coming years should count on more investments in the sector.

However, the transmission of sports through digital platforms does not mean that channels such as Rede Globo will leave sports aside. The idea, in fact, is to increase investment in the sector. Globoplay, for example, has Premiere as its main coverage of the Brazilian Championship. The service attracts a lot of audience, indicating the consolidation of sports streaming (especially football) in Brazil.

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