Football Manager 2022: Everything you need to know about the game

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For all football fans who wish to test their managerial skills, a great video game to do this is Soccer manager. This videogame series, developed by Interactive sport and published by SAW since 2004, it boasts numerous titles to date, each with its own specificities, novelties and improvements. The newest edition of the game, Football Manager 2022 (here the review) offers for example a series of additional game possibilities, which naturally made it one of the most prestigious and appreciated titles of the entire series.

For those who want to take on the role of the coach (for those of the footballer there is obviously the FIFA series) and lead a football team in all its most delicate choices, Football Manager 2022 is a great title to test yourself. While waiting to be able to play it, however, it will certainly be useful to deepen some of the main curiosities related to this. Continuing the reading here, it will be possible to find further details relating to the game and his others Announcements. The main ones will also be listed console on which it will be possible to use it, as well as the price huh requirements.

Football Manager 2022: the release date, the consoles and the price

Football Manager 2022 was released by SEGA worldwide on November 8, 2021. Since that time the title has become available for PC Microsoft Windows And Mac OSfor mobile devices iOS And Android and also for consoles like Xbox One, Xbox X / S series And Nintento Switch. You can therefore buy this video game on the official stores of these consoles or on the platform Steam. The base price is even € 54.99but you can sometimes find some discounts that allow you to buy it even at lower prices. Once purchased and downloaded to your device, you can start playing it in comfort.

Football Manager 2022: the gameplay and the news of the video game

Compared to previous games in the series, Football Manager 2022 includes a number of new features, including a renewal of the data system with the introduction of the Data hub which provides players with information on the momentum of matches, passage maps and the possibility of asking a data analyst to compile specific information, useful for making decisions more cautiously and with greater certainty on one’s side. In addition, the game engine has been optimized (shared with each edition). This also allows you to enjoy better animations, as well as clearer and more realistic action throughout the game.

The new role of central defender widewhich emulates Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea FC tactical style. The game also features a new staff meetingwith nearly 4000 new dialogue options introduced and the ability to explore a wider range of topics. The pride of this new edition is the availability of over one hundred championships in fifty different countries. This immediately established itself as one of the most appreciated features of the game, as well as the accuracy of its database, which is compiled with the help of hundreds of volunteers around the world.

Football Manager 2022: will there be for PlayStation?

At the time of the release of the video game, finally extended to some consoles, fans have been able to notice how this is not available for Play station. The game is in fact an exclusive of the Xbox and apparently neither SEGA nor Sports Interactive currently have any plans to launch a version of the game for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Furthermore, these distribution methods of the game do not seem destined to change even in the future, with Football Manager that should continue to remain as an exclusive for the rival console of the PS. For those who do not own an Xbox, therefore, the only solution seems to be to buy the game for the PC.

Football Manager 2022: the video game trailer

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