Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Omega Force Strikes Again | Review

Ever since it was announced, Fire Emblem Warriors: three hopes has teased all fans of the recent Three houses developed by Intelligent systems Well yes Tecno cow. Despite the completely different genre of belonging, Force Omega has demonstrated the extraordinary ability to take a ‘IP strong of unique characteristics and to adapt it to the genre of musou. Titles such as Persona 5 Striker, Hyrule warriors and also the same Fire emblem warriorsreleased in 2017.

Yet, despite the numerous productions worthy of attention, musou are still very undervalued by Western audiences. Sometimes because they are considered too simple, other times because they are unable to introduce satisfying game mechanics, preferring a more “belly” gameplay. It is with tepid curiosity that we approached Three hopeslulled by the previous successes of the Japanese software house and attracted by a franchise that we love more and more with each iteration.

Find out with us if we were right to believe in the Omega Force guys.


The plot of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes tells an alternate version of the story that we were able to experience in Three Houses in 2019. And it does it in the best way: by completely subverting the rules of the game. While we will use a completely new character (whose sex we can choose), the antagonist of the story will be none other than our previous protagonist: Bylethknown here as the Gray flail. During our war for the It’s empty we will then be able to choose which of the three houses to follow, in order to choose our team and forge the destiny of Kingdom.

The result is a compelling story that, although linked to the typical canons of the shonen, once again demonstrates the quality of the work done by the devs. Get ready: the dialogues are many, the side missions as well and both will allow you to meet your favorite characters to see them from a new point of view. A great choice that, exactly like the recent Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamityallows you to fully enjoy the starting IP, without damaging the world building of the original material.


Three Hopes is undoubtedly a musou, but it is equally true that in this title a lot of time is spent at the camp to evolve the relationships between the various characters. This role-playing nature is also reflected in the pure gameplay, which moves away from mere action, to insert numerous statistics and variables. Choose the teams, the classes and explore all the possibilities offered by this new one Fire emblem warriors it’s almost as important as in Three Houses. A result that we would never have believed possible and that pushed Omega Force beyond all limits. Beyond all its own comfort zones.

That said, know that there is still a lot of action. While the fighting remains very chaotic, we have noticed several steps forward from previous team titles. Not only must you choose carefully which weapon to use to inflict more damage on the various classes of opponents, but also the management of the troops plays a fundamental role in the game economy. In short: when you hit, you must not do it blindly, especially in the more advanced levels of play. We found this Fire Emblem spin-off far more structured than we ever expected. We have often had to think about our actions, a sensation that we have rarely experienced in the other musou faced in the past. The developers have also included the possibility to choose whether to activate the permadeath of the troops or not. Obviously we have decided to do it, in order to perceive the real consequence of our actions. The result was tragic, but also frighteningly satisfying.

Fire Emblem Warriors: three hopes


From a purely technical point of view, the Omega Force title does its duty. The character design of the characters is excellent, but the rendering of the environments is mediocre. Fortunately, the situation changes when it comes to the sound sector, simply masterful and with numerous references to the chapter of Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo.

As you have been able to read, the merits of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are many, but it fails to completely hide some flaws. Like most musou, there is a constant feeling of not hitting our opponents, transmitting few emotions to the player. Added to this is an uncertain camera in some situations and a fluctuating frame rate, which collapses during the most chaotic sequences and stabilizes at 30fps at best. Defects, apparently, difficult to overcome for this type of videogame.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a title that deserves the attention of all fans of Three Houses. It does not matter if it is a musou: the devs have managed to give life to a vast, fun and layered title, which will surprise you especially if you are not particularly fond of this type of games. Omega Force continues to evolve its style, maturing from title to title and, consequently, expanding its ranks of fans. A simply commendable result that we feel like rewarding once again.


Type of game

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes a musou, but with a great predisposition to the purest RPG.

How it was played

The title was played on Nintendo Switch thanks to a code kindly provided by the Publisher.

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