Famous actress invites you to participate in the “Donate blood, donate life” campaign in Peru

Jasjot Singh

The well-known actress and singer Rossana Fernández-Maldonado invited people to participate in the blood donation campaign “Donate blood, donate life”, which will take place this Saturday, June 11, from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

The place where blood can be donated is the San Camilo Training Center, located at Av. Brasil 231, in Cercado de Lima.

Many people are waiting for your donation, so if you can do it, do not hesitate. And tell your friends, your acquaintances, all the people you have close so they can go too, “said the actress in a video posted on the Pastoral de la Salud Facebook page.

“God bless you and we wait for you,” he concluded.

Donating blood is part of a human and Christian lifestyle

In statements to ACI Prensa, Fr. Mateo Bautista García, explained that the campaign also seeks to be a motivation to reach the goal that “each parish make a blood donation campaign a yearin all the dioceses of the country”.

“Donating blood is very healthy for those who receive it because they need it, but it is also very healthy for those who donate it,” added the priest.

The also doctor of theology in pastoral care of health indicated that with the donation of blood “the iron levels are balanced, the blood is renewed, the body itself is renewed.”

So, he stressed, “donate blood it does good to the recipient and it does us good as donors”.

Father Mateo also said that every person, whether or not they are a donor, can be a promoter of blood donation, assuming “a human and Christian lifestyle” that seek the good of the other like Christ did.

To conclude, the priest said that “we should all donate blood at least once a year, as a regular thing. With this we will avoid that no one lacks blood, that we do not have to be running after it or buying it, and that the blood is prepared for any need.

More information about the campaign at https://www.facebook.com/PastoraldelasaludLima

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