Exorcism is always good news and not something terrifying, says priest

Jasjot Singh

Father Alberto Medel, exorcist and coordinator of the Theological Committee of the College of Exorcists of the Archdiocese of Mexico, explained that exorcisms are always “good news” because they are a victory of Christ over evil and are far from being “a terrifying thing.” ”.

“The exorcism, far from being a terrifying thing, although the phenomena that surround it may seem so, it’s good news. It is like the doctor who is going to cure a sick person: certainly the treatments can be complicated, painful, long, difficult, but it is good news whenever we meet the doctor, because he is going to get to the causes of the illness”, assured the P. Medel in an interview with EWTN News.

The priest explained that “exorcism is good news because it is Christ through his Church who comes to meet those who suffer.”

“This ministry is based on the saving action of the Lord. We as people of faith, are called to proclaim the victory of Christ over sin, death, evil and the devil, ”he assured.

The priest recalled that this July 11, 2022, a series of training courses began in the ministry of exorcism in a hybrid format and that they are aimed at exorcist priests, non-exorcists, and for auxiliaries and experts from Mexico and other countries. . These courses will go from July 11 to 22.

“It is not difficult to realize that lately the theme of the exorcists has returned to the cinema or to digital platforms more for morbidity than for what it really means. Sometimes we priests are dragged along by the inertia of this movement, so we priests need to have the highest possible qualifications to deal with the many cases that come our way on a daily basis”, the priest explained about the importance of the courses.

The priest said that this course aims to present the guidelines published by the International Association of Exorcists and introduce them to those who need it, “so that they can apply them effectively on those who are the object of an extraordinary action of the devil.”

Finally, Fr. Medel reiterated that although the path of exorcism can be “complicated, winding and sometimes difficult”, we are always “on the way to the freedom that Christ has won for us on the cross”.

For more information about the courses organized by the Ministry of Exorcists and Consolation of the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico, you can write to: [email protected] or contact Lic. Felipa Ortela at +525512363601 / +525579825109.

You can also communicate through the official networks of the College of Exorcists of the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico.

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