Ernest of Hannover loses the trial against his son Ernst August of Hannover and will not recover the properties of the dynasty

Max Yurva

The Hanover War is over, at least judicially. The Hannover Court that was handling the case has dismissed the lawsuit that Ernest of Hannover had filed with his eldest son, Ernst August of Hannover, to whom he claimed the return of the Marienburg Castle and other properties that he ceded to him during his lifetime between 2004 and 2007 .

Ernest of HanoverErnest of Hanover

As Bunte points out, German justice has leaned in favor of the son against the father and does not consider that there has been ingratitude, as the head of the Guelfa dynasty alleged, so everything will continue as it is and the heir will not have to return the Prince of Hannover nor Marienburg, nor Calenberg, nor Herrenhausen, the latter the palace in which Ernst August of Hannover resides with his wife, Ekaterina of Hannover, and their three children, Elisabeth, Welf August and Eleonor.

This happy ending for the Hanoverian heir couple is not so unhappy for Ernest of Hanover, since at least he does not have to pay the high court costs. The reason is that in March 2022 Carolina de Monaco’s ex-husband withdrew the lawsuit against her son, but with a trap.

Hanoverian Marienburg CastleHanoverian Marienburg Castle

What the Prince of Hanover did was to delegate his rights to the company Salzburg EAH Betreibungs GmbH. For this reason, he would not have to pay the costs of the process and if he won, the company would take part of the five million euros that he claimed from his heir.

This war began after Ernest of Hannover wanted to regain control of the properties that he gave to his son and opposed the marriage of his eldest son with Ekaterina Malysheva. He did not want to recognize his grandson as future heir, who in fact does not bear the name of Ernst August as is the tradition in the Hanovers, but was baptized as Welf August.

Ernesto Agusto de Hannover and Ekaterina Malysheva at the civil wedding of Christian de Hannover and Sassa de OsmaErnesto Agusto de Hannover and Ekaterina Malysheva at the civil wedding of Christian de Hannover and Sassa de Osma

Ernest of Hannover accused his son of ingratitude, of having appropriated the family fortune, of not having helped him when he needed him most and shouted to the heavens when in 2018 Ernest August of Hannover ceded Marienburg to the state of Lower Saxony for one euro so that they could take care of its maintenance and it could be visited. In this way it was possible to free itself from the ruinous conservation of Marienburg, but for Ernest of Hannover it was a betrayal to which he answered by taking his son to court. But Justice has given the reason to the son over his father, ending a process that, however, will not bring peace to the dynasty.

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