Elliot Page introduces his character Viktor Hargreeves at Umbrella Academy

Max Yurva

Elliott Page, Netflix star Umbrella Academy, made a big announcement today about his role on the show: As of season 3, Vanya Hargreeves will now be known as Viktor Hargreeves. Victor was one of seven children mysteriously born on the same day who were subsequently adopted by a wealthy eccentric named Reginald Hargreaves. The other six have special superpowers, including super strength and mind control, that Reginald helps them navigate and manipulate. Victor (aka No. 7)’s ability to convert sound into physical force is suppressed by Reginald, and he worries about how to control them.

Page, who came out as a transgender in 2020, today posted a photo from the new season on Twitter announcing his character’s name change.

Fans were delighted by the announcement from Netflix’s LGBTQIA studio Most, with many expressing relief that Page didn’t have to continue playing a female character.

Umbrella AcademyThe second season of 2020 concludes, and before Paige reveals his new gender identity, we’re glad the show is one of the first series ever to make such a role change by considering Paige’s identity. The highly anticipated third season will premiere on Netflix on June 22.

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