Dyssomnia: Ending Explained! Did Jill Manage to Survive?

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dyssomnia: Ending Explained! Jill managed to survive? Keep reading and know the explanation of the end! – “Awake”, is an American suspense movie. Directed by Mark Raso and starring Gina Rodríguez, Ariana Greenblatt and Lucius Hoyos. Premiering on Netflix June 9, 2021.

What is your synopsis? A global event destroys all electronic devices and humanity’s ability to sleep, causing chaos to engulf the world. A mother will have a hard time finding a cure with her own daughter.

Attention! SPOILERS AHEAD for Dysomnia!


The story starts with Jill a security guard who deals in sleeping pills, she is in a car with her two children, Noah and Matilda. Suddenly, the electrical systems stop working and everything turns into chaos.

They suffer an accident in which the girl almost dies. When they go to the hospital they realize that it is a general failure. And nothing electrical is working. But the worst comes at night: They realize that no one can sleep. Okay, Matilda is the only one who can do it.


When people find out that Matilda can sleep, they want to sacrifice her so they can fall asleep, so Jill and Noah escape to protect her.. They undertake a journey to a scientific center where they are supposedly studying a woman who can also sleep.

But getting there will not be easy. First they will have to face several problems. The thing is that, when they get to that place, things don’t go as expected, because due to lack of sleep, people are delirious and have started to go crazy, to the point that they kill each other.

Dissomniam Netflix

No one understands why they can’t sleep. I answer to this, according to the dr murphy, is that a solar flare hit the earth and altered its electromagnetic wiring. Initially, they thought it only affected electronic devices. But the event also altered the brains of humans and this caused them to have a sleep disorder.

So, Matilda comes to the conclusion that when she had the accident and was revived. In a way, she began again. Therefore, the solar flare that disturbed everyone’s nervous system also affected her, but it was reversed when she died for a few seconds.

Something similar happened with his brother, Noah, who died from an electric shock. But after a moment, Matilda brought him back. So if they both came back to life and can now sleep, it seems that dying is the secret.


Did Jill manage to survive? In the end, Matilda and Noah decide that the only way to save their mother is to kill her and bring her back to life. So they drown her and then they perform CPRthe movie ends when we hear that Jill is breathing again, so the plan worked for them.

Therefore, it can be concluded that in order to save yourself and cure sleep deprivation, you have to die and then come back to life by artificial means. But now the world is in total chaos, people kill each other or die because their organs fail.

With this scenario, it is difficult the family can share their discovery, since this would also mean that each person must die and then come back to life. Which would cause the world to sink even further into madness.

In the end, in the movie they don’t get a cure as such, since the only thing that works is to die and, hopefully, be resurrected. Although this entails that, all humanity becomes selfish bastards who kill each other to survive.

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