‘Dynasty’ Season 5 Not Coming to Netflix in May 2022

Max Yurva

If there’s a show on TV that’s one of the best out there, it’s going to be on The CW dynasty. Anything you hear to the contrary is false. dynasty Season 5 has been one of the most exciting and craziest seasons on the soap opera.

The fifth season of the hit series debuts in December 2021 with a special two-hour holiday premiere, bringing the suspense of Season 4 (Farron hit!) to a gleaming Christmas bow. Fallon and Liam’s marriage wasn’t that simple, though.

dynasty Season 5 returns with new episodes in March 2022, and the season will once again include a full-season order of 22 episodes — one of the largest on TV right now. But fans will be waiting longer to watch the latest episodes on Netflix.

Unfortunately, dynasty Season 5 isn’t included in Netflix’s full list of new movies and shows coming in May 2022, but we’re seeing it as the show is still airing new episodes on The CW.But here are the Netflix release date estimates dynasty.

Dynasty Season 5 Netflix Releases Update

Now, dynasty Season 5 is expected to air at least most of the summer. The series will air the ninth episode of season 5 on April 29, with 13 episodes remaining. The 13 weeks starting April 29 will bring us to episode 22, which airs on July 29.

Of course, that’s assuming the CW will air the rest of the season uninterrupted, with no small interruptions or special two-hour broadcasts. In this case, the season may end early in July, or continue until early August.

Historically, the CW shows still call Netflix their streaming home, dropping new seasons on streaming eight days after they aired on TV.As for dynasty Season 5, the latest episodes are expected to begin airing globally sometime in late July or early August 2022.


Please stay tuned for more dynasty Season 5 news and updates from Netflix Life, and listen to the CW Spiral Podcast for more CW news and reviews!

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