Driver With California Highway Patrol Tickets an Apparent SpaceX Starlink Dish Bolts Into Car Hood!

Shilpa Paul

On Friday, a California Highway Patrol Officer accidentally pulled over to a vehicle that had a satellite dish bolted to the hood of the car. The dish that was placed on the car seemed to be an antenna that was pulled out from SpaceX’s Starlink service. This service included a beta program that was rolled out in October.

California Highway
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A Police Officer Pulled Over a Vehicle

The information about this incident was given by CHP of Antelope Valley in his Facebook post. In the post, he added that he tried to stop the man from having visual obstruction on the hood of his car. To this question, the motorist replied that the hood only disturbed him when he makes the right turn with his car. A representative of the law enforcement agency told a trusted news source that the motorist was driving a Toyota Prius car and he received a ticket or moving violation. The driver then told the CHP that the antenna was used to get Wi-Fi service for a business that he operated out of his car. However, SpaceX did not instantly respond to the plea made by CNBC for any comment on this.

Know More About the Starlink

Starlink is the SpaceX company’s capital-intensive project that was established to build an interconnected internet network that included thousands of satellites. Those satellites are known as constellations in the space industry and they have been designed to deliver high-speed internet to any consumer at any place on the entire planet.

California Highway
7 San

The Starlink kit introduced by the SpaceX company that is sent to the consumers includes four important parts. The first part is called the user terminal, which is also called an antenna, a Wi-Fi router along the power supply. They also offer rooftop mounting options for which the users have to pay the additional cost.

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