Dragon Age 4: everything we know about the video game

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Dragon Age is one of the most popular fantasy-themed role-playing video game series ever. Conceived and developed by the company Bioware and published by Electronic Articlesthis is now made up of three main chapters, of which the last, Dragon Age: Inquisition, dates back to 2014. There are also several spin-offs, some, such as Heroes of Dragon Age, for mobile devices. Fans have long been waiting for a new console chapter, which was finally announced in 2018. This, currently titled Dragon Age 4 it is still under development, and little is known about its history and features.

The main series games have all enjoyed commercial success and mostly positive acclaim for the narrative, universe lore, character development, voice acting, and emphasis on player choices that influence the experience. It is therefore not surprising that there is great anticipation for this new chapter, which is not only called to do better than its acclaimed predecessors, but also to introduce a whole series of innovations that can make it unique within the saga.

While waiting to be able to play it, however, it will certainly be useful to deepen some of the main curiosities and details that are known about this today. Continuing the reading here, it will be possible to find further details relating to the game, to his plot and the modality multiplayer. The main ones will also be listed console on which you can use it, as well as the exit date currently planned.

Dragon Age 4: release date and console to play it on

Published by Electronic artsDragon Age 4 is currently slated for 2022even if at the moment there is no indication about a more precise time of the year. However, it is known that the game will be released for PC Microsoft Windows, Xbox X / S Series And PlayStation 5. Most likely, the title will be available for purchase in physical or digital format, finding the latter on the official stores of the consoles mentioned here as well as on the platform. Steam. Currently it is not possible to define the price, which will be announced only when the game is approaching.

Dragon Age 4: development, plot and multiplayer mode

As anticipated, the fourth chapter of the Dragon Age saga is still in development, which began in 2015. Originally it was meant to be a smaller and more narrative-centric game, while over time its conception expanded to become a title that promises to be particularly rich in elements and features. Initially in development under the codename “Joplin”, the game was at one point blocked due to some development issues. Fortunately, it was then rebooted with the codename “Morrison“, this time with a live-service component based on Anthem.

The game was then first announced at the Game Awards in December 2018, and promotional material released by BioWare has since revealed the presence of the Red Lyrium as a significant part of the game’s storyline. Two years later, a new teaser trailer was released during the 2020 edition of The Game Awards. It featured the dwarven character Varrico Tetra as a narrator, as well as the brief appearance of the main character Solas, now known for his true identity as Terrible wolf. The story of this new chapter, therefore, although not yet officially known, will probably carry on the adventures of this character. According to what has been revealed by some concept arts, the game will also have to introduce the Gray Wardens again.

According to Bloomberg News, following the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order single-player and the decision to cancel the rework of Anthem online in mass multiplayer mode in February 2021 after its lackluster launch, EA and BioWare would have decided to remove the multiplayer initially planned for Dragon Age 4. This new chapter, therefore, will focus on a single-player experience, building its gameplay from it. Currently, however, there are no details regarding the latter, so it will be necessary to wait for the approach of the release of the game to be able to know more. Ideally, the gameplay will roughly follow that of the previous chapters of the series.

Dragon Age 4: the video game trailer

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