‘Don’t worry, dear’ raises the temperature in its intense first trailer with Harry Styles and Florence Pugh


It’s here! After causing a stir at the recent CinemaCon (incident on stage included), Warner Bros. officially releases the first trailer for ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, the new film directed by Olivia Wilde, whose title confirmed for Spain is ‘Do not worry dear’. An intense advance with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles raising the temperature based on good, which only continues to increase expectations in the face of what promises to be one of the most talked about films of the year.

Wilde returns to direct after her acclaimed debut in ‘Super Nerds’ with a science fiction psychological thriller that takes us to a seemingly utopian community of the 50s where a young housewife (Pugh) discovers that the reality around her is not as perfect as it seems and that under the perfect suburban facade in which she lives hides a very dark truth that begins to come to light, which will lead her to investigate what is happening, plunging into a real nightmare. The director herself has compared the film with titles such as ‘Origin’, ‘The Matrix’ or ‘The Truman Show’, references that can be clearly detected in the first preview, to which ‘The Perfect Women’, ‘ Pleasantville’ or even ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’.

‘Don’t worry, dear’ also features in its cast Chris Pine, which the trailer introduces us to as the villain of the film, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, KiKi Layne, Kate Berlant, Douglas Smith and Wilde herself, who reserves a supporting role as one of the wives of the experimental community. However, the main attraction of the trailer is undoubtedly the couple formed by Pugh and Styles, who star in the most steamy moments of the trailer, high-voltage romantic scenes that have left half the Internet fanning.

The Year of Styles

In addition to participating in ‘Don’t worry, dear’, one of the most anticipated films of the year, directed by who is currently his sentimental partner, Harry Styles has another film pending release that is generating a lot of interest, ‘My Policeman’, Amazon Studios adaptation of the novel by Bethan Roberts, where the famous singer plays a gay police officer, curiously also in the 50s.

Not only that, but on May 20 he releases a new album, whose first single, ‘As It Was’, has been at number one on the most important charts for several weeks. Without forgetting his foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where we saw him as Eros in one of the post-credits scenes of ‘Eternals’. Whether his character will return to UCM at some point remains to be seen, but what is clear is that Styles, who debuted as an actor with Christopher Nolan in ‘Dunkirk’, is experiencing his best professional moment.

‘Don’t worry, dear’ opens in Spain on September 23 only in theaters.

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