Doctor Strange 2 Hot Toy Figure Showcases Stephen’s Strange Powers

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[Editor’s note: The below article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.]you can get some now Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Come home with a brand new Hot Toys figure.look exactly the same Benedict CumberbatchThe Stephen Strange, a figure that pays homage to the Witcher himself, is a new cinematic masterpiece 1/6 scale figure with an uncanny resemblance to the actor. The figure has a “developed hand-painted head sculpt and a carefully tailored screen that accurately reproduces his layered clothing.”

But the number isn’t just Stephen Strange. It also includes some important aspects of his character, such as the levitating cloak with blue patches, and Stephen’s own version of the Book of Vicenti. The figure also includes a set of handcuffs, his rings, the Eye of Agamotto, a collection of interchangeable mystical art effects, and more!

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But that’s not all. In addition to all his mysterious art features, he also has a brand new…well…you might want to beware of spoilers, as this figure will also include a few other head sculpts, including a mysterious new feature for Stephen Strange . We will definitely see exploration in future movies.

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The second head sculpt includes Doctor Strange’s new third eye, an alternate universe we briefly see in the movie where Stephen is battling a version of himself that destroys his entire world and has a third eye. How our Earth-616 Stephen gets his third eye remains to be seen. Maybe it’s in his fight with another Strange, where the two fought with notes, or maybe it’s something else he learned while working briefly with Darkhold, but right now, we’re not sure why he has it.

Does this number already include the third eye? This is exciting for collectors of Hot Toys. The movie has a lot of clips that could be fun to include in a set, and the character gives you the option to act your character with some of them, especially Stephen holding the Book of Vishanti with him. The book is billed as a power that can give readers any spell they it is good Stephen faces the Scarlet Witch in the movie, but it’s still an interesting addition to his stature.

You can now pre-order Doctor Strange’s hot toy figure from, and it’s a celebration Sam Raimi Movie!

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