Digimon Survive reappears with a trailer, but we still have no release date

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From BandaiNamco they emphasized the change of development team in Digimon Survive to justify the absence of a release date.

Digimon Survive It continues to feed the illusion of the fans with a title that kicked the board of its narrative and presents a game at the height of its first installments and, at the same time, the weight that the anime has in the fandom.

The rpg reappeared this weekend during the Digimon-Con with a new trailer that emphasizes the more adult tinge of his story, along with a few brief snippets of his gameplay.

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When will Digimon Survive arrive? The big question without a concrete answer. From Bandai Namco they explained that the change of developer in the middle of the process (HYDE took the lead from what was done by Witchcraft) implied great delays in its debut window, and now they anticipate that we will have more news by the end of this year.

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