Deep Study On Bitcoin News Trader: Is It A Ponzi Scheme?

Max Yurva

Bitcoin News Trader is a modern investment platform that employs algorithms to be able to create successful Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency transactions. By opening up this powerful platform to the general public, Bitcoin News Trader claims it will maximize the investment dollar input (provided by its users) to ensure that the investment return is as high as it can be.

The returns are said to be distributed to investors in real-time which can result in an income stream that is passive and could lead to early retirement for everyone. There’s a very limited amount of Bitcoin News Traders licenses on the market and interested users are advised by the app to sign-up quickly. We’ve reviewed the program and found it to be authentic and not a scam in spite of some negative internet reports. Find out more here.

What exactly is Bitcoin News Trader?

Bitcoin News Trader is said to offer the simplest method for investors to get into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, particularly when you’re not familiar with this type of investment.

This bot for trading is controlled by algorithms that were created to make note of current news events and to find opportunities for investment in the world of cryptocurrency. Human investors can only go through one article at a given time, and can only trade one at a time, frequently losing opportunities to make money.

The Bitcoin News Trader bot algorithms claim to be free of limitation on its performance and promise to always maximize profits basing itself on the most effective knowledge of the market within the fintech sector.

How Bitcoin News Trader Analyze Markets?

Bitcoin News Trader has been one of the very first Bitcoin robots to function as a trawler. Its News Intelligence Hub explores the world of crypto news searching for news articles that could be the trigger for the next pump and dump or bull rush. The algorithms are said to be able to respond to news quicker than human readers by buying similar assets in a flash and then selling the positions as the value is near its highest point.

Bitcoin News Trader makes these trades through binary options, and not traditional trading for digital currencies. This reduces friction in many ways. One of the advantages is that no money must be exchanged in exchange for Bitcoin and then back; the accounts are all closed in US dollars. Another advantage is speed. With Bitcoin, transactions are time-consuming, and with multiple network confirmations when using Binary options, the stake can be settled in a matter of minutes.

The whole thing might sound somewhat complicated, particularly for those who aren’t familiar with investing or cryptocurrency. But the truth is this is among the most user-friendly platforms we’ve tested. The Auto-Trade function takes the uncertainty away from the trading process. While no algorithm can accurately predict the future and create profitable trades all the time, users have reported that they have observed the win rate for Bitcoin News Trader to be high enough and they have made profits every time. If you’d like to test yourself, don’t put in more money than you can afford to lose, conduct your own research. You should begin with a minimum of $250.

Once you know the way Bitcoin News Trader works, let’s look at how you can sign up and start your own trade.

How To Perform Trading Activities on the Bitcoin News Trader?

Here are a few easy action steps to get you trading within a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Sign up

Start by giving the platform your username and email. After submitting, you’ll receive an email with a hyperlink to click. Click it, and you’ll be taken further into the site, where you’ll be able to enter your phone number, country of residence, as well as your new password. Once you’ve registered your account you’ll be able to access your account.

We’d like to remind you that on this site you’ll have the option of trying out an account that is a demo. In essence, it’s an account that is fully functional, but it does not need you to deposit any money in order to test it (you cannot win anything as well). This is the perfect time to understand how the website functions, determine whether you can trust the system, and prepare yourself for the real deal that we’ll discuss in the next.

2. Invest Capital

Once you’ve tried using the Bitcoin News Trader Demo account and you’re confident that you understand the way things work now is the time to fund your account and test BNT for yourself! Begin with the minimum amount of $225. You can always make additional funds, and you’ll be able to do so. Be careful not to get too enthusiastic at first. Check out how you fare on the first $250, test withdrawing your profits, and then determine if a larger investment is a good fit for your circumstances.

If you’ve been successful at $250, the app states that you’re likely to be successful with higher sums, but don’t take the risk of even more if your doubts are it’s the best investment plan that is right for your cash.

Step 3. Get Ready To Trade

You’ve established your account, performed on the platform demo, and then made some first-time trades. Now is the time to begin investing in Bitcoin in real-time. We would suggest to you that should you be successful, ensure that you withdraw your winnings frequently. It’s always good to keep about 50% of winnings and then reinvest the rest of the 50 percent.

They claim that this way that you’ll always have money flowing into your account, and you’ll earn more and higher investment returns in addition to it. As of now, Bitcoin News Trader claim that you could be able to call yourself an expert investor, something that many would like they were, but few succeed.

Reap The Benefits Of Bitcoin News Trader

  • Bitcoin News Trader is one of the very few top-quality auto-traders that make its trades on actual life events and not only patterns of trading in the market. It’s not all about the numbers, it’s got to deal with real people and actual news.
  • It is possible to start by investing just $250. This is a very small initial capital needed for any kind of investment, but especially Bitcoin investing in which the cost of a single coin is more than $3000, at present prices.
  • Bitcoin News Trader gives you an extremely well-equipped demo account so that customers can decide whether or whether this is the right site suitable for them.
  • Bitcoin News Trader could not be more user-friendly. The cryptocurrency market isn’t an easy sector, and very few people can even define the concept of what Bitcoin actually is. We love that trading is simplified with this approach and opens this sector of finance to a whole new set of people.

The Verdict: Is Bitcoin News trader A Ponzi Scheme? 

Bitcoin News Trader is not fraudulent and certainly works exactly as it claims on the package. While it’s not perfect, customers affirm that this bot is very reliable in its trades and is quick to pay the gains it promises.

The use of news-based trading is a completely different approach than many of the competitor’s Bitcoin robots utilize. This application claims that using this strategy it’s as effective or even better than platforms based on trading market trends alone.

Bitcoin News Trader is an authentic trading app! We would recommend signing on to the site. They provide great information for those who are new to cryptocurrency, as well as account managers who are available 24/7 to assist in case anything happens, so it was simple to withdraw money as well. We regret not signing earlier because this is a fantastic option to invest in crypto without danger or hassle!


Do I earn free money by sharing the Bitcoin News Trader with My Friends?

Although this could be an option that Bitcoin News Trader adds in the near future, currently there’s no bonus for friends sharing. We believe this is the perfect feature to add to an already robust platform and can help the already successful site expand even more. If you love the site and would like to recommend it to your acquaintances, why not make an email to support Bitcoin News Trader customer support?

Why should I choose Bitcoin News Trader over one of its rivals?

It’s not like anyone said this is the top Bitcoin trading robot on the planet. It’s just one of the top we’ve been privileged to try. We suggest you test a few of the Bitcoin robots that we’ve mentioned in different sections, and then pick the one that is most effective for you. Bitcoin News Trader trades based on news events, while others tend to trade on patterns in market trading. We believe the news-based strategy is extremely promising and it could be more effective in the long run. However, it’s only the time to judge the subject, so make your own research, and hope for the most effective results.

Is Bitcoin News Trader a pyramid scheme?

There is no. Bitcoin News Trader is an extremely technical and award-winning program that allows you to conduct lucrative cryptocurrency transactions.

How much time should I devote to this platform?

It is recommended that an average user spend a minimum of 20 minutes every day on this trading platform.


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