Decline In Shooting Incidents in New York City Leads to Reversal of Trend


In positive news, it has been reported that incidents of shooting have gone down considerably in June in New York City. The decline is sharp as the cases of gun violence have fallen considerably, almost reversing a trend.

A Reversal of Trend

From the May of 2020 up till last month, i.e. in May of 2022, gun violence was on a steep hike in New York City. However, June of 2022 seemed to have reversed that trend by reflecting a downfall in those numbers. A total of 165 shooting incidents were reported in June, 2022 – which is about a 20% drop in gun violence cases compared to June, 2020.

New York City
Gun Violence in NYC from 2013-2018; Source – Arcgis

New York City Police have been reportedly busy in curbing criminal acts and gang-related criminal activities. This has led to a steep decline in gun violence and casualties arising from the same.

Not Happy But Still a Progress

Dermot F. Shea, Police Commissioner of the New York City Police, says that while he is not happy with the existing numbers, it still counts as progress. Shea says they have made twice the number of gun arrests in June and have been involved in taking down criminal gangs.

Commissioner Shea said that last couple months had been very busy. He says that seven critical cases have surfaced in the last 60 days, cases which resulted in as many as 94 people. “These are the worst of the worst”, he said.

Despite the downward slope of the graph, the overall index crime for June still remains up, with robberies and grand larceny increasing everyday.

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