David Schwimmer’s Must-See TV Shows

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David Schwimmer is an outstanding American actor and director born on November 2, 1966 in Queens, New York. He is best known for his role as the famous “Ross Geller” in the greatest TV comedy “Friends”.

However, as an actor, he does so much more than just play that role. He went on to have a remarkable career in television and film, as a director and producer in addition to acting.

He handles everything from real-life characters to dubbing cartoons and everything in between. While you can regularly see great performances from David Schwimmer on “Friends,” he’s got more great performances worth checking out.

Here’s a list of David Schwimmer’s series:

Friends (1994-2004)


10 seasons

Will there be another first? Friends is indeed the TV series that kicked off David Schwimmer’s career and made him a household name all over the world. He will forever be known for playing Ross Geller, one of the show’s key characters.

The show remains one of the most successful of all time, so making it your biggest character isn’t such a bad idea. Ross Geller is a talented character who is central to the main narrative of Friends, his romance with Rachel Green. There’s no one better than David Schwimmer who has done a fantastic job of portraying him.

Intelligence (2020)


2 seasons

“Intelligence” is a workplace comedy sitcom led by David Schwimmer, set in the British intelligence agency. Much of the comedy is complex and sometimes erotic, such as opening jokes about memory sticks and pictures of vaginas. The terms “ass”, “bitch”, “st” and “fk” are commonly used, as are profanity.

The race and appearance of the characters were also mocked. Serious themes such as terrorism and 9/11 were brought up, and occasionally made fun of.

Moments of physical, slapstick humor are the only ones with violence. In addition to the two’s excellent chemistry, there’s a touch of British elegance, and an office vibe that doesn’t often joke around, and the intelligence is boosted.

The Brothers (2001)


Season 1

Cpt. Herbert Sobel is a notable fraternity figure due to David Schwimmer’s portrayal. The combat drama series would go on to become one of the most famous television productions centered on American military engagements during World War II, premiering in 2001.

Comprising outstanding actors and executive producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, the show portrayed later notable Army veterans (including Dick Winters, David Webster, Certain incidents of Ronald Spears and Herbert Sobel) serving in real life.

David’s character is usually despised by audiences. Not only is he the stern commander of the Easy Company soldiers in Band of Brothers, as depicted in the show, he is overly stern in training.

Feed the Beast (2016)

feed the beast
TV cable

1 season

Feed the Beast is a Danish series about two close friends, Tommy Moran (Schwimmer) and Dion Patras (Sturgess), who decide to abandon their ambitions to open a restaurant.

One is a chef who has clashed with authorities and thugs, and the other is the city’s top sommelier, the bereaved father of a young teenager. “Feed the Beast” is a story of friendship, bereavement. Parenting, narcotics, theft, adultery, murder, love and highly creative cooking.

Will and Grace (1998-2020)

will and grace
Us Weekly

11 seasons

David Schwimmer appeared as regular guest Noah Broad in seven episodes of Will & Grace season 2 and made his debut in the comedy revival’s season 2 opener as a Very convincing Ross Geller in his 40s.

Gay lawyer Will and interior designer Grace share a room and have been in each other’s business. Grace’s crew Karen and Will’s gorgeous friend Jack are stirring up the melodrama.

Miracle Years (1988-1993)

wonderful years

6 seasons

David Schwimmer debuted in Age of Wonders as one of the stylish, motorcycle-riding characters long before he became a global household name. Kevin’s big sister Karen’s boyfriend Michael is his character.

Karen’s father fell out with her when she was living with her during her freshman year. They got married and moved, but when Michael came to support them and their children, she eventually embraced the parents’ point of view.

Los Angeles Law (1986-1994)

8 seasons

David Schwimmer is a recurring character on LA Law, appearing five times during the episode. On his show, he played City Attorney Dana Romney, a role he already played before joining Friends.

His character is a nasty antagonist on the show, a unique position for Schwimmer, who is generally seen as a good guy in the projects he does.

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