Dads are more than providers and their example is Saint Joseph, says Archbishop

Jasjot Singh

Bishop Rogelio Cabrera López, Archbishop of Monterrey and president of the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), affirmed in a message for Father’s Day that fathers are not just providers and that their example is Saint Joseph, the Holy Custodian of the Sacred Family.

In his message titled “Being parents following the example of Saint Joseph”, the Archbishop stressed that “as sons and daughters, we should not see our parents as simple material providers that help us to cope with day to day”.

“Dads are more than providers, they are true companions in life, forgers of encouragement and hope that help us to fully develop,” the Prelate stressed.

Although, “in some families, the presence of the father is null or is far away, we have the option of resorting to the experience and wisdom of our grandfather, who can also accompany us, giving clarity to the moments in which darkness seems to prevail”, the Prelate continued.

In this regard, “Pope Francis encourages parents to have Saint Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary, as an intercessor and example of life, who fully fulfilled his mission as a father, assuming his commitment to accompany Jesus and the Virgin Mary, giving them everything they needed.

“Today, says the Pope, many people suffer from different circumstances, lack of work, the consequences of the pandemic, despair, among many other things,” he warned.

Therefore, “he invites us to resort to the animation, help and inspiration of Saint Joseph, who with his luminous testimony in dark times, presents us with the guidelines to follow to face any need in life.”

The Archbishop of Monterrey then asked those who do not have a father “not to feel abandoned, God never leaves any of his children.”

“I am sure that He himself will put with you someone who can play an important role in your life and will accompany you in the realization of all your projects and dreams”, remarked the president of the CEM.

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